Love Hmong the Ruins, a very goofy year

December 31, 2010


After all the various lists of best stories and photos and signs of the Apocalypse and bad fashion and stuff, this blog all comes down to fun.

I just get a special enjoyment from doing some items, and I hope it shows. Sometimes it’s because people do real things that you would never imagine. Other times a photo or germ of an idea just makes me laugh and I take off with it.

OBAMA/Some of the year’s highlights for me:

Hollywood still hasn’t sent my $4 million check for it yet, but one of the best true yarns of the year was the “love market” for ethnic Hmong people in Vietnam.

On one day a year, married men and women wait for the return of their former lovers with whom they can meet again without jealousy from their spouses.  That’s right. Folks meet up with former lovers, and get a one-day free pass from their spouses. I couldn’t invent something like that if I tried.

OBAMAOnce again, my initial question remains unanswered: Do the spouses in this village not have access to machetes, pipe wrenches or rat poison?

There were plenty more fun items. It’s hard to top the new rug unveiled for the White House Oval Office, complete with inspiring quotes. The only problem? The one attributed to Rev. Martin Luther King was really from King quoting somebody else. Oops.

What a goofy year it was. I got to talk to a guy who collects airline barf bags for a hobby – a chunderwear collection, I believe I called it.

I also had a great time remembering my long-ago interview with the late J.D. Salinger, and trying to imagine how a publication like “The National Enquirer” could possibly be in financial trouble.

Sometimes, the news came directly to me as a cosmic gift. Like those blundering U.S. Census folks who are sure my house is honeycombed with secret apartments, and those morons from the University of Wisconsin Alumni Association who just won’t leave me alone. They don’t call ’em Badgers for nothing.

fun basler aircraft 320And the Government Death Panels. I’ve been all over that story this year, and it just may be my ticket to big-time journalism. Whatever that is.

Then there was the great day I found out about an airplane company called Basler Turbo Conversions, in Oshkosh. I don’t totally understand what they do, but I’m running it into the ground anyway. What Basler wouldn’t do that?

I also revealed that I have held down another job, as Barack Obama’s Junk Food Advance Coordinator, setting the president up with the grossest, puffiest, richest, most grease-oozing foods I can find. You wait your whole life for a gig like that.

Yes, I’ve seen the photos of Obama eating something called “shave ice” on vacation in Hawaii this week. He found that crap himself, so don’t blame it on me. I can’t do everything.

Anyway, thanks for coming back to the blog and sharing the fun. Here’s wishing you all an even goofier new year…

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Top: Ethnic San Chi girls look at a mobile phone while attending the “love market” in Khau Vai village in Vietnam’s northern Ha Giang province, May 9, 2010. REUTERS/Kham

Right: The redecorated Oval Office of U.S. President Barack Obama has new carpeting, wallpaper and sofas. August 31, 2010. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Left: U.S. President Barack Obama shows his “shave ice” to the media at Island Snow near where he is staying while he is on Christmas vacation in Kailua, Hawaii December 27, 2010. REUTERS/Hugh Gentry

Right: The crew of a Basler BT-67 fixed wing aircraft release oil dispersant over an oil discharge from the mobile offshore drilling unit, Deepwater Horizon, off the shore of Louisiana, in this May 5, 2010 photograph. REUTERS/Stephen Lehmann/U.S. Coast Guard/handout

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The turbo conversion for the Basler aircraft consists of taking a DC-3 which has a radial engine and fitting it with a turbo-prop engine. A turbo-prop engine is a turbine engine (jet engine) with a propeller attached to it. A DC-3 with a turbo-prop engine, at least to me, is a pretty badass thing.

Happy New Year everyone! :)

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Thank you for a fun, silly, sometimes gross, and certainly goofy 2010. Here’s hoping 2011 will bring you many more wonderful photo opportunities and unusual stories to make us all remember the famous Jimmy Buffett line, “If we didn’t laugh we would all go insane.”

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Ifly, that was a serious breach of Oddly Enuff etiquette…you posted something both informational AND educational! Shame on you.


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Thanks, BG! Let’s do it all again next year! :-)

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@REDruin, yes such is true. However I do believe Shra is away for the weekend so shhhhh! :p

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“New Year’s Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.” — James Agate

Baz doesn’t tolerate fools, he lives off of them!

Merry Christmas to all, and happy new year to everyone.

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More goofy, much love and happiness to all this new year.

Should Oiled acquaintence be forgot, and Popeye brought to mind…

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Onwards and upwards.

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Gosh Crow, I figured you’d weigh in with a compliment on my headline. Maybe it doesn’t travel well to Wales….

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H.N.Y., BG and to all the rest of you, too…
…looking forward to OE2011!

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I got it, I was just too sleepy to appreciate it, sorry.

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And since its past the new year now… Big Zaaaappp to Mr.Pilot… sorry, had to… cant let you learn or teach you know…:)

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