Comments on: A textbook case of stupid? News, but not the serious kind Fri, 16 Dec 2011 14:56:44 +0000 hourly 1 By: Shra Mon, 10 Jan 2011 09:15:20 +0000 You confessed to teaching… your guilt is reflected in the last line!

By: Shra Thu, 06 Jan 2011 09:14:51 +0000 Words fail me..
the shock is too complete..
I didnt tase an innocent gal..
that would be obsolete!

I agree with Nosmo,
We aint no innocents 😉
If anything..
we are all only.. different.. 😀

By: CrowGirl Wed, 05 Jan 2011 21:32:07 +0000 No one is innocent, some people are just more responsible than others.

Thank you for the handy cut out and keep guide to vitamin deficiencies Unca; I’m off for some scurvy curing lemon juice. Diluted with gin. Wouldn’t want to overdo it.

By: Nosmo_King Wed, 05 Jan 2011 20:19:14 +0000 “you can’t go zapping innocent people”.

You may wish to clarify what you mean by innocent – this is the OE blog after all and our motto (well one of them anyway) is ‘Goofy until proven innocent’. Which, from memory, hasn’t happened yet.

By: Shra Wed, 05 Jan 2011 09:22:37 +0000 Well, she may just slip and make a mistake… its like in minority report… I averted an incident!

By: rcbasler Tue, 04 Jan 2011 19:53:32 +0000 Gosh Shra, you can’t go zapping innocent people.

By: Shra Tue, 04 Jan 2011 16:28:50 +0000 Umm.. ok, that zap could have been mis-applied… Apologies…

By: Nosmo_King Tue, 04 Jan 2011 12:47:37 +0000 Uh, Mr B? Did you just use your blog to plug your book?

Anywho, you forgot an important point. While you used true stories for your book, the other guy just made stuff up, which is far more interesting than what really happened.
Accuracy is so over-rated.

By: Shra Tue, 04 Jan 2011 08:57:03 +0000 Since its the New Year and the taser has been idle for a very long time… I am gonna re-energise it by tasing Unca and Spin…. you know why!

Blog Guy, is that book published? Can I get a copy?

By: DoctorDoll Mon, 03 Jan 2011 21:53:37 +0000 Thank goodness I studied right here in Ohio, where I learned historical facts, and my teachers made it fun, to wit: “In 1493, Columbus sailed the deep blue sea!”

We also learned about Ohio history. For example, Columbus, Ohio is noted for its monkeys; the governor lives there.

But I learned more than just American history. For example, I learned that Zwingli’s followers all smashed their organs!

Hey, education is important. It determines our loot in life!