Goofy beyond all words…

January 13, 2011


Blog Guy, recently I visited your popular Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop, and I bought several of your academic treatises on goofy photography in your gift shop. I read them all, even your 600-page “Goofy Prehistoric Cave Paintings and Stuff like that.”

almaty crop 240So what? We don’t give refunds. You can’t prove you bought that stuff at our museum, and besides, there’s no law against calling myself “Doctor” on the cover of some book.

No, I don’t want a refund, even though my health has never been quite right since I ate your doughnuts.

Then what do you want?

I just have a question. Every time you use a goofy photo in your blog, you make up funny stuff about it, like what you imagine is going on, and things like that.

And? What’s your question?

Is there any such thing as a photo that is SO perfectly, delightfully goofy that there’s nothing you could possibly say to make it funnier? Does such a picture exist on earth?


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Kazakhstan’s Tourism and Sport minister Temirzhan Dosmukhanbetov (R) carries the flame of the Asian Winter Games after its arrival at Almaty airport, January 12, 2011. REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov

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Yeah, it scares me to think about the connection between the toupe and the open flame, but I guess that’s just part of the photo’s charm.

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The Fanciful Icicle Pageant was cut short today when a member of the security team suddenly rushed on stage, grabbed a bouquet from one of the contestants and screamed “I’M THE PRETTIEST!! ME! ME! MEEEEEEEE!” He then grabbed a lantern and promptly set the stage on fire…

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Oooh, Giant Hershey’s Kisses Hats!

Once you let her out of your trunk, you could give one of the hats to the car show model. It would look great with her foil suit!

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Oooh, Giant Hershey’s Kisses Hats!

Once you let her out of your trunk, you could give one of the hats to the car show model. It would look great with her foil suit!

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They look like some tale out of Arabian Nights…

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I meant dancers out of an Arabian Nights tale…
I mean, they could be more mysterious than the half naked women prancing around…

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@Onedoor, sing with me!

Weeeee represent the Hershey Kiss League,
The Hershey Kiss League,
The Hershey Kiss League.

Weee represent the Hershey Kiss Leeeeeeague..

And we wish to welcome you to Goofy Land!

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That’s my sister!! Tell me more about those doughnuts. 😉

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The ‘Miss Kazakhstan 2011′ contest was thrown into confusion when guest compare, Sarah Murdoch, incorrectly announces Temirzhan Dosmukhanbetov as being the winner. A tearful Temirzhan told the stunned audience that it was ‘a moment he had been dreaming of since he was a little girl’.

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@Spin: they are going to compete in the amazing Blue Luge event. Instead of sledding feet first, they sled head first, and the hats can be used as a braking mechanism.
The toupe is subterfuge.

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When I was at the barber shop last week, a follically challenged patron put on a baseball cap with a full head of hair on top of the cap. (It was kind of cute.) He told me it cost $14.95. I told him that was too much toupe.

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I would never fly on an airline or through an airport where open flames were allowed. Jet fuel + open flame = Urban Renewal

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hehehe 😀

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