The Oscar for Best Picture goes to…

February 25, 2011


Blog Guy, the Oscars are this weekend. I hope you’ve stockpiled lots of movie photos so you can cash in on the extra Internet traffic.

You bet I have. I’m loaded for bear and ready to roll, as you can see from this picture at the top.

BELGIUM-LATVIA/ROYALSUh, what the hell IS that?

It’s the King of Sweden and his wife, eating a peach. I’ll post it when “The King’s Peach” wins the Best Picture award.

The King’s Peach? You are just too stupid to live! That’s not what the movie is called. It’s “The King’s BEACH.”

Beach? Really? Oh thank you! You’ve saved me from serious embarrassment in the blogging community.

So this photo on the right, the King of Belgium on a beach, would be better?

That should cover it just fine, Blog Guy.

Huzzah! Let the wild weekend entertainment blog frenzy begin!

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Top: King Carl Gustaf XVI (C) of Sweden as Queen Silvia eats local Aboriginal “Bush Tucker” during a visit to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta cultural center in outback Australia, November 11, 2005. The King ate a “bush tomato”, while the Queen tried a “bush peach”. REUTERS/David Gray

Right: Belgium’s King Albert II and his wife Queen Paola walk along a beach during their visit to Latvia, April 25, 2007. REUTERS/Thierry Roge

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Hmm. They are eating food from the Aboriginal Bush. That is an interesting dish the food is in; it looks remarkably like an etched skull! Skulls, not just for drinking any more.

You know, I really should keep some doughnuts around…

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I always wear a coat and tie to the beach… Just sayin’.

Hey One, how about sharing those donuts?

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They were invited to a beach party and wore their most casual clothes…

Passing the doughnut platter to Dave!

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You sure the queen is eating a peach… seems to me more like she is contemplating the best way to say no to peach-serving-skull man..
The King on the other hand, seems to be enjoying his wife’s discomfort…

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Lamar takes the best pictures, IMHO. Eugene “Toilet Head” Johnson. Need I say more?

Do I have to get off the CHOPPA to get a doughnut?

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Aren’t these royal people types supposed to be wearing crowns and robes and such? How do we know they’re really royalty, huh? They look like my Uncle Eugene and Aunt Matilda on vacation at Disneyland.

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Fu-fu-fu-fu funny, B-b-b-b Blog Guy.

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Aid to King Carl Gustaf: “But your highness I had the banana split sundae right here in this bowl! It had three scoops of ice cream, crushed walnuts, sprinkles… everything! And now there is not a sign of it anywhere, the bowl has been wiped clean! Who would do such a thing?”

King Carl Gustaf: “Hmm..someone does come to mind and I shall give him a piece of my mind!”

Queen Silvia: “Sweetheart please go easy on him. You know how bad his addiction is.”

Somewhere off in the distance laughter can be heard as the culprit makes his escape. “Tee hee hee, ice cream! Tee hee!” 10/10/08/why-do-they-call-it-the-send-of f-royale/

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Long walks on the beach…
Beaches have sand…
Sand gets between your toes…
Toes, this little piggy..
This little piggy went to market..
Markets sell doughnuts..
This blog is about dougnuts!
The market is having a 2-for-1 sale on dougnuts! Quick everyone GET TO THE CHOPPA!

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My favorite part of this post is the word “Huzzah.”

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Hmm. They are eating food from the Aboriginal Bush. That is an interesting dish the food is in; it looks remarkably like an etched skull! Skulls, not just for drinking any more. 11/02/17/bone-appetite-everybody/

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Damn you spam filter ! 😀

Posted by fwd079 | Report as abusive

I’m with Sarabelle.

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Oh…so that was the King’s Beach?? I was under the impression that it was the King’s (another “beach” sounding word which the filter would block)…I guess I was wrong.

And there I was thinking this movie would be about a King and his female (dog) pet! What an interesting story that would have been.

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In a world where modern medicine looks to medical history for new ideas, the public is devastated by the possibility of the Coolest World Leader Dude having permanent damage to his beloved goofy face following an unfortunate encounter with the hoof of his favorite polo pony. The Queen Mum declares any and all suggestions will be seriously considered.

Don’t miss the feel good movie of the year: THE QUEEN’S LEECH

coming to theaters this fall

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There’s not just the Queen’s Leech. Edward was always begging for money from King George to keep Wallis Simpson in furs and opulent hotels in exotic locales, and he was thus known as The King’s Leech. And of course Lionel Logue was The King’s Teach.

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Very true, Slick. And don’t forget the gripping story of the palace laundry’s efforts to keep Edward’s white suits looking their best: “The King’s Bleach.”

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