Again with those goddesses from Neptune?

March 7, 2011

fashion pugh combo 490

Blog Guy, I read something very strange recently, and I want to find out if it’s true. It was in a blog.

golden model 240Then I’m guessing it is true. They monitor us bloggers pretty carefully for any sign that we’re deviating from what is factual.

Well, the blog I read said that 22 years ago a space ship crashed into a remote part of the Rocky Mountains. It carried a whole tribe of beautiful Neptunian goddesses, who began a new life here on Earth.

So far it sounds pretty reasonable to me. Go on.

It said they wear costumes made from polished gold tiles. They worship a queen who dresses in black with a cobalt blue cape, and they keep Earth men as their love slaves.

fashion pugh crop 240They drink fine bourbon, they eat nothing but barbecue and fried onion rings, and they never age.


It also said their mission on Earth is to ride roller coasters, catalog every Heckle and Jeckle cartoon, and “see what can be done about the Dutch people.”

Yes, all of this is perfectly accurate. Where are you going with this?

I just wanted to find out if they’re hiring.

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I looooooove the black dress with the blue cape… hands off ladies, that’s my new outfit.. oh, yes and the boots too… will do without the blue paint around the eyes…

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Ooooh, eye shadow UNDER the eye to hide those pesky dark circles from staying up all night with their love slaves!

Posted by Onedoor | Report as abusive

Shra, we’re missing your typical SHOOOOOES comment though!

Oh…btw, I’m no longer an atheist. :) Praise the Neptune Goddesses.

Posted by Malteser | Report as abusive

We’re officially invaded now 😐

Posted by fwd079 | Report as abusive

I dont think Mr.B would appreciate that… he always encourages me to say something original…
So, this time, it would be

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

At last, someone to champion the Dutch people. The world’s looking better.

Posted by ladylala | Report as abusive

@Unca, Charlie is from Mars, these Goddesses are from Neptune. Duh, it’ll never work.

Posted by Dave_not_dave | Report as abusive

What happenend to all the guys on Neptune that these goddesesses had to come to Earth? You think they’ll take Charlie back to Neptune?

Posted by justCAM | Report as abusive

I do like the boots in the top right picture.

Posted by knit_nurse | Report as abusive

Personally, I love the black dress and the cobalt blue cape.

The clothes are nice, too.

Posted by skeres | Report as abusive

Shra; you take the outfit, I’ll have the paint. That’s Ford Tractor Blue, I could use it.

Posted by CrowGirl | Report as abusive

I learned to drive on a Ford tractor. At the time, it was the only tractor I was tall enough to drive.

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

#3 is showing the new “Sith Lord” line. The Farce is with her.

Posted by AllThatJazz | Report as abusive

At last, someone to champion the Dutch people. The world’s looking better.

Ladylala, I’m wondering what about this post makes it sound so positive to you? What color is the sky in your world?

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

Umm… orange, Mr.B?

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Oh man, das Blaue unter den Augen sieht nicht gut aus.

Posted by Krankenkasse | Report as abusive

According to a helpful translation from Doc, this person is saying “Oh man, the blue under the eyes does not look good.”

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

“What color is the sky in your world?”

Silly Mr B: we all live under the same sky. But I’m glad to see the Dutch get some print because they invented tulips. See?

Posted by ladylala | Report as abusive


Posted by GeorgiaPeach | Report as abusive