Bridesmaid Festival, attendants required?

June 14, 2011

Blog Guy, I have a common problem. I’ve been a bridesmaid in three weddings this year alone, and I don’t know what to do with all my stupid bridesmaid dresses.

I mean, they’re all hideous and I can’t wear them anyplace. There must be something they’re good for.

You could pack them up, fly to Spain and wear them at the annual International Bridesmaid Festival, seen here in these photos.

I didn’t even know about the Bridesmaid Festival! It looks like a great way to get one more use out of these stupid, expensive gowns. Can you tell me more?

Well, I’m much too lazy to do actual research, but I can look at the photos and guess what’s going on.

I suppose they have bachelorette parties, do funny stuff to their hair and drink lots of Kahlua.

But Blog Guy, I don’t get why those bridesmaids in the top picture are standing ankle-deep in water.

You don’t? Remember, another term for bridesmaids is “ladies in wading…”

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Top: Pilgrims stand in the Quema River as they make their way to the shrine of El Rocio in the province of Seville, southern Spain June 9, 2011. Every spring hundreds of thousands of devotees converge at the shrine to pay homage to the Virgin del Rocio during an annual pilgrimage which combines religious fervor and festive color.

Right: Pilgrims sing as they cross the Quema River.

Left: A pilgrim adjusts her boots as she makes her way to the shrine of El Rocio.

REUTERS photos by Marcelo del Pozo

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If only I could see those boots, this blog would make me more insane… my sanity levels are going up, people!!

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Really, Shra? Because you’ve set the bar pretty high already…

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

A “pilgrimage which combines religious fervor and festive color.”

Hmm; isn’t that what Miss Sarah’s bus tour was all about?

Posted by skeres | Report as abusive

Aww the two little girls from The Shining are all growed up!

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

Now that Crocs have faded from the fashion scene,
it’d be nice to know what footwear the ladies wear to forge the stream. Flip-flops? Wellingtons? What used to be called rubbers (one sort of seizes up when saying that, sort of like having to say Anthony Weiner’s last name out loud)?

And are the giant roses and hydrangeas and whatever glued to the women’s foreheads compulsory? Your tales always raise so many interesting questions, BG.

Posted by slick9 | Report as abusive

“Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? Join the Oddly Enough blog network!”

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

Will there be a Bridesmaid Revisited?

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

This people are wearing shoes? On a pilgrimage?!

Posted by CrowGirl | Report as abusive

BG, if those girls are wearing pink Crocs, that’s a sign of the apocalypse. Crocs and the pajamafication of America are both sure signs the end is near! (And I think it’s going to start at a Walmart 😉 )

put on some REAL clothes and Join the OE Blog Network!

Posted by GeorgiaPeach | Report as abusive

BG, what has standards set up? My insanity levels? or sanity?
I am confused… need my morning dose of tea and medidoughnuts..

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

If the ladies in the top photo are wearing Crocs, I sincerely hope for them they don’t attract the REAL crocs… things would go from Bridesmaid Festival to Bloodsmaid Festival in no time.

Posted by Malteser | Report as abusive

@69Spin, I see – so they’re safe as long as their daddies are away, ey?

Posted by Malteser | Report as abusive

Are you saying that brides, on a compulsion, make their bridesmaids look dangerously unattractive, Spin?

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

@Shra, from what I’ve seen that does seem to be the case. Of course bridezillas take it to a new level.

I guess it’s kind of like making yourself look thinner by only hanging with folks who are heavier. I prefer making myself look taller with some really nice stilettos 😛 rE
hello new shoes, bye bye blues!

Posted by GeorgiaPeach | Report as abusive

ooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Me likey, Georgia!

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

@Shra – not sure if you mean the video too (’cause I know you love SHOOOOEEEESS!), but here’s another good one by Paolo Nutini. I love his voice. I0

Posted by GeorgiaPeach | Report as abusive

[…] Guy, I was surprised to read your item about that Bridesmaid Festival. Are there any other examples of wedding nostalgia events you’re aware […]

Posted by Bride pride? Taking to the bridal path… | Oddly Enough Blog | Report as abusive