Folks, we may be in for a Trumpy landing

June 22, 2011

Blog Guy, we know you were pretty upset about Donald Trump not running for president, clearly a huge loss of humor potential for your blog. Are you getting over it?

I don’t have to. My staff researcher found a loophole on page 466 of the book “The Bloggers’ Code.”

Wait a minute. There’s a  “Bloggers’ Code” and it’s a BOOK?  Shouldn’t it be online?

No. there’s just the coffee table book. Pretty ironic, huh?

Anyway, it turns out if a person continues to fly around in an airplane with his name in huge gold letters on the side, even if the FOR PRESIDENT part is crossed out, then I can keep making fun of his campaign.

I’m sorry. You’ve lost me. What campaign?

The one he didn’t run. Don’t  you see? He never entered the race, and yet, in my world it’s as if he never left it.

Er, congratulations, Blog Guy. I guess you owe a big debt to “The Bloggers’ Code.”

Yep, is that a great book, or what! I just hope someday they publish it in English.

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Top: and lower right: U.S. property magnate Donald Trump gestures as he steps off his aircraft at Aberdeen airport, north east Scotland June 20, 2011. Trump was in Scotland to give a media tour of his new Trump International Golf Links course a year into its construction. REUTERS/David Moir

Upper right: Trump speaks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington, June 3, 2011. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

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Is this Bloggers Code an actual ‘code’ or is it more like ‘just guidelines anyway’?



Posted by egeria | Report as abusive

“Trump speaks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition “…
Now that is a sure sign of the impending Apocalypse!

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Looking at Trump makes me giggle and think of Obama, is that bad?

Posted by fwd079 | Report as abusive

You know, if William Shatner ever retires, Donny can take over his role on ‘Sh*t my dad says’.

Posted by Nosmo_King | Report as abusive

All apprentices
yearn for the same thing: Their name
on a plane. Trump that!

Posted by AllThatJazz | Report as abusive

E. – I’m fairly sure that the only difference between the Bloggers Code and the Pirate’s Code is that the word “Treasure” has been crudely crossed out and “Intellectual Property” penciled in above.
Also, by claiming that it’s ‘just guidelines’ in an untranslatable language, you can pretty much open it at random, point to any line and claim that it proves any point you want. Very convenient!

Posted by AllThatJazz | Report as abusive

Trump rut:

• Trump Palace
• Trump Parc
• Trump Park Avenue
• Trump Tower
• Trump World Tower
• Trump Star Tower
• Trump Plaza
• Trump Grande
• Trump Place
• Trump Taj Mahal
• Trump Marina
• Trump Casino
• Trump Island Villas
• Trump Elite Tower
• Trump Tower Variations
• Trump Ice bottled water
• Trump Vodka
• Trump Shuttle
• Trump Golf
• Trump Magazine
• Trump Cologne for Men
• The Donald J. Trump Signature Men’s Collection
• Ivana Trump

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

I’d ask you to tell the people who Gregor Samsa was, jc, but it wouldn’t go well for you…

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

Look closely — is that a loose hair piece flying around between the two guys on the top steps?

Posted by ladylala | Report as abusive

New movie idea:

“Snakes on a Plane II: Trump on a Plane!”

Where Samuel L. Jackson can issue the famous line, “I’ve had it with these Mo****-F***** Trumps on the Mo****-F***** plane!”

Posted by skeres | Report as abusive

My favorite way of giving a hint: Cough! Cough! Coughka! Cough! Coughka!

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

She doesn’t unless he’s going to the BonJovi concert tonight.

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

See if Lamar can get us a pic of the little bumper sticker on the tail of the plane that says, “You’re fired!” 😉

Posted by justCAM | Report as abusive

Spin, I too awoke from uneasy dreams. Wait . . . is my voice changing?

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

asf auto;awe asfd’ o]

Posted by DoctorDoll | Report as abusive

It’s just a regular ol’ Boeing 737 painted black. Nothing really impressive. Hell the Southwest Airline 737 is practically the official bird of Long Island considering about 100 of them fly overhead going in and out of MacArthur every day.

Posted by iflydaplanes | Report as abusive

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Bon Jovi…
Still humming the songs….

Watcha say about learning, JC?

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

@Shra – I think he’s halfway there.

Posted by Nosmo_King | Report as abusive

So, if the Don ate too much, was in a bad mood while wearing ugly clothes, that would make him lumpy grumpy frumpy trumpy.

Posted by Nosmo_King | Report as abusive

Readership will jump,
It’s all thanks to Donald Trump –
And the Blogger’s Code!

Posted by Malteser | Report as abusive

U aint trying to flip me, are you, JC?
The concert was fantastic! It was my first ever concert, and I went alone..
I ended up dancing with these 2 nurses, who labelled me brave and mental in the same breath…

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

Regarding Shra’s message, I believe those were the two nurses who must accompany Shra anytime she leaves the institution.

Posted by rcbasler | Report as abusive

Yeah BG, they were pretty much fun.. shame I cant even remember their names.. no harm done, am pretty sure that may change when they get me my meddies for the day..

Posted by Shra | Report as abusive

[…] That’s great! But how did you do it without violating the Bloggers’ Code? […]

Posted by Stretching the truth? | Oddly Enough Blog | Report as abusive