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News, but not the serious kind

So, you guys here on that Groupon deal?


Blog Guy, wake up! Looks like you fell asleep at your computer.

Oh, yeah, thanks. I was going through the so-called “family photos” of finance ministers from the APEC Summit in Hawaii, and I keep falling asleep.

Can’t you get somebody else to do that?

Who? Who on earth is EVER going to look at these pictures, and yet they are a staple of every single summit. There are so many people, we don’t even bother to name them.

And it isn’t just finance ministers. We have world leaders at the summit, we have SPOUSES of world leaders, all so that 1,000 years from now historians can look at them and say, WTF?

One year, every single leader was naked in a group photo. Nobody noticed.

I will say this for the finance ministers. At least they were smart enough to take their photo indoors, as opposed to the world leaders, who posed beside the palm trees and ocean. Just their way of saying to taxpayers, “Hey, chumps, thanks for sending us to paradise!”

So I’m not the sexiest man alive?


Boss, you got a minute for a private chat?

Sure Lamar, what’s up?

I’m kinda depressed. “People Magazine” just announced its “Sexiest Man Alive” choice for this year, and once again, it wasn’t me.

I can see where that would be a blow to somebody with your unusual looks, Lamar. Who got it this time?