Comments on: Nine things I’ll miss most about this blog News, but not the serious kind Fri, 16 Dec 2011 14:56:44 +0000 hourly 1 By: phunphysics Thu, 15 Dec 2011 00:06:14 +0000 I’ve never commented in the 2 years I’ve read the blog because I’m quite certain I could never hang with the rest of everyone. I thank you all but especially The Blog Guy… But I’m pretty sure my neighbors and students hate you :) Of the thousands of things they blocked at school, y’all never made the cut.

thank you again and again. Have fun out there on that interweb-wide-machine and keep the shiny side up Mr. Baz.

By: Malteser Wed, 14 Dec 2011 13:47:46 +0000 Geez… I haven’t been busy around here in the past weeks due to ever increasing work commitments, and less time available for haiku and sarcasm. This really is a shocker. :(

Wish I could have joined the blog earlier.

OE Blog says bye,
New directions for Reuters:
No more time for fun!

A sad day indeed,
Don’t let this blog just vanish:
Relocate this blog!

By: Funkyk Tue, 13 Dec 2011 22:43:12 +0000 I’m devastated! BG, if you ever want a trip downunder, you’re welcome to stay with me and (by then) my hubby! :(

By: niteshift Tue, 13 Dec 2011 21:34:28 +0000 It’s a sad day – Oddly Enough is such a staple in my daily reading ritual and occupies such a prominent space on my iGoogle page. What will I do with the resulting vast void when it goes? Ouch. Never thought it could happen.

By: 69Spinster Mon, 12 Dec 2011 20:57:09 +0000 @Ogress52:
Maybe you can send goofy photos to
The Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop
c/o Lamar
Lincoln Memorial entrance
Independence Ave SW & 23rd St SW
Washington, DC 20001

By: Ogress52 Mon, 12 Dec 2011 19:44:02 +0000 Well this just sucks. Now who am I going to direct goofy photos to?

By: TNT7713 Sat, 10 Dec 2011 17:41:16 +0000 Never posted, but have enjoyed reading both the blog and the comments … well, most of them. :) Thanks, BG. May your quill remain sharp and your ink never run dry.

By: 69Spinster Wed, 07 Dec 2011 18:00:57 +0000 Is the end of the Oddly Enough blog a sign of the oncoming apocalypse?

By: Shra Wed, 07 Dec 2011 10:02:56 +0000 fabulous idea, hmcfabulous :)

By: hmcfabulous Tue, 06 Dec 2011 20:14:23 +0000 Well that’s seriously crappy news. Next they’ll be cancelling Christmas and making us wear bags over our heads. We would feel better if you could give us someone to blame for this planned happiness mugging – is this a budget cut? Blink twice if Reuters is to blame. I am going to tell the Occupy people to go over to the DC office and get some answers.