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New iPhone? No Siri, Bob!


Blog Guy, I read your review of the new iPhone 4S the day it was released, and found it ridiculous. You bill yourself as one of the top technology bloggers in your zip code, and yet you didn’t even mention Siri, the phone’s incredible voice recognition feature, which answers questions and obeys commands.

I don’t think you even HAVE a 4S yet!

That’s where you’re wrong. I was just carrying on a conversation with Siri, and I’ll paste it into my blog to prove it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Siri, will it rain in Honduras today?

Without a doubt.

Thanks. You think I need deodorant?

Reply hazy, try again.

Okay. Will Michele Bachmann get the Republican nomination?

It is decidedly so.

Is there a new episode of “Homeland” on this week?

Ask again later.

Say, Siri, you have a nice voice. Would you like to grab a drink with me when you get off work?

Don’t count on it.

* * * * * * * * * *

So there, what do you think of that?

Blog Guy, you’re a total moron! Those are all answers from that Mattel Magic Eight-Ball! You’re using the wrong gadget!

Where’s the stylus for my new iPhone?


So, Blog Guy! I guess for top gadget writers like yourself, this is a HUGE day!

Of course. Give me a hint. The new Williams-Sonoma catalog?

No! The new Apple iPhone 4S. Surely you have one and you’ve already played with it?

Oh, um, sure! I went over at 7 a.m. today but the line was very long, so I bought one from a guy outside. My staff and I are testing it now.