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Who gets more publicity than zombies?


zombie promo 490

Okay Lamar, you’ve had weeks to work on a plan to promote our new AMC television series about zombies, “The Walking Dead.” It premieres on Sunday, so what do you have?

zombie promo 320Great stuff, Boss! We’re sending zombies out to 26 cities around the world, see, to walk around the streets and get publicity for our show. What do you think?

Real zombies, Lamar? You’re putting real zombies on airplanes and sending them places?

You bet! It makes perfect sense. Zombies are happy to fly coach, they don’t bring any luggage, and as far as food on the flights, you know, they fend for themselves.

You gals ready for somethin’ real goofy?


chippendales billboard 490 this

Blog Guy, I see you’re suddenly laughing. What haveĀ  you got to be happy about? Come on, no fair holding back! Let us in on it, too.

NEWYORK-CATSHOWOkay, I guess there’s plenty to go around. A few days ago, Chippendales – you know, those male exotic dancers – lost a trademark case on their bow tie and shirt cuff outfits.

A short attention span?



Blog Guy, you’re something of a wordsmith, right?

Well, I do know my way around a phone book or whatever you call those thick things.

NEPAL/ I heard a colorful expression yesterday and I can’t seem to find out what it means. It was, “As lucky as a short cat in Kathmandu.”

Good to the last droppings?


Okay gang, we’ve gotta find a way to distinguish our brand of coffee from all the others. You know, like it’s grown on misty Blue Mountain, or in the intoxicating sea breezes of Hawaii, or some poetry like that.

Boss, why don’t we go more in the direction those guys in Asia took? You know, “We make our coffee from half-digested cherries found in the poop of wild civets.”

Have a cold one, we’ve got you covered!


“Team, we’re here to brainstorm a brand-new Coca-Cola ad campaign, built around this new photo we found on that ODD Blog.

“The photo wasn’t supposed to be available for commercial use, but we paid that stupid Blog Guy a fortune for the rights.

I don’t want what he had…



“Lamar, aren’t you gonna finish your fish taco? Then whose is it? Ah, that dead guy’s?

“Well he’s not gonna finish it, so shove it over here, I’m still hungry.

What’s that all over your BUTT, dude?



I have to love this. Here are shots from an international tattoo convention, and the captions inform us the aim is to “promote the industry and garner positive thinking towards tattoos.”

Oh really? How does that work, exactly?

tattoo back this 300“Okay dudes! Drop your pants and let the world see your colorful tattooed butts, so we can promote the industry and garner some more positive thinking!

Scents and Sensibility?


Okay Lamar, we’re up against a tight deadline here if we’re going to launch Jennifer Aniston’s fragrance this week. We came to your ad agency because your team is the best in the business, so what have you got?

Well Mr. Johnson, remember Ms. Aniston turned down several of our proposals already.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary…


queen mary 240It turns out the folks who regulate ads over in Britain have banned one showing Queen Mary I as a flesh-eating zombie, after complaints that it frightened children.

Now, I’m all for not giving nightmares to our children any sooner than we have to, like for example when I had to explain truthfully to my son who Richard Nixon was.

Welcome to the “Not So Great Lakes”


fake lake crop 490

Blog Guy, I really envy you working journalists. I just saw a picture of the view from the press center at that G20 Summit up in Toronto, and it’s gorgeous! A waterfall and a lake? How do you get any work done?

G20/Well first, I don’t ever get much work done. And second, if you take a look at a wider angle you’ll see that this is just a still photo projected on a big-screen television at the press center. The “lake” is a shallow indoor pool surrounded by canoes and Adirondack chairs.