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Skinny Minnie and the pageant?


Let’s face it, the human skeleton is a sexy thing. You take a bunch of bare bones, add a bikini, and you’ve got the makings of a beauty queen, right?

No, I don’t think so either, I just wanted to prepare readers for a controversy in Australia, where a contestant in the Miss Universe Australia pageant was 5’11″ tall but weighed only 108 pounds.

You can see Stephanie Naumoska on the left, compared with a human skull, believed to be the look she was going for.

Stephanie didn’t win the title – that went to a woman with actual flesh – but she got close enough to ignite a scandal. Our story mentions the “glittering” finals of the event, although in fairness Stephanie collapsed when a piece of the glitter actually landed on her, and couldn’t get up until it was lifted off.

AFLAC this, insurance duck!


Blog Guy, I know you follow the advertising business. I was wondering if successful ad campaigns in the States work well overseas, as well?

Not always. You know those insurance commercials where that obnoxious duck keeps saying “AFLAC!” until you want to wring its neck?

Get a loin for your groin!


Okay design gang, as you know, when the fashion industry is out of fresh ideas we recycle old ones. Like when we claimed we invented sandals, for instance.

So I asked you all for something we could reinvent and sell. The concept should be at least 2,000 years old, so nobody still has them hanging in their closet from the last time they were in style.

Warning: smoking tobacco may be… Oh, never mind!


Confidential memo to Acme Tobacco Research and Development Team:

I think you guys have really come up with something great with your new product, Jumborettes.

Who wants to light up one cancer stick after another when you can have the nicotine equivalent of an all-you-can-eat buffet?

Vampire chicks feast on yummy plague flesh!


Over in Italy, they found the remains of a female “vampire,” buried with a brick jammed between her jaws to prevent her from feeding on plague victims.

Right. Apparently scientists have discounted the more obvious explanation, that maybe she just had one of those high shrill voices that really irritated people.

Our tread, or you’re dead!


Okay, listen up, staff. If we want to grab the Michelin advertising account, we need to go in a bold new direction.

The world is in turmoil. Nobody wants to see some jolly inflated bozo, waving like an idiot.

Kids, it’s PEE-licious!


Okay, so this organization in India plans to launch a new soft drink made from cow urine. I am not making this up.

Which of course means that right now there’s a marketing firm brainstorming ways to sell this stuff.

Coo? No, I said COOL! Cool!


Do you ever wonder who’s at the very, very bottom of the human dignity chain?

Well, it turns out he was picked up at an airport with two live pigeons stuffed in his tights. I mean, the tights ALONE are embarrassing enough.

A sick day’s nothing to sneeze at!


I love this video report on a controversy in the UK. A cold remedy is running commercials suggesting sick people “Take a Benylin Day” from work, to recover. Their Website offers advice for calling in sick, DVDs to watch at home etc.

But the UK Federation of Small Businesses calls the ads “outrageous.”

Selling cars to insensitive jerks!


Nobody has ever accused me of being a real sensitive guy or too politically correct or anything, but…

Check out this sad photo from a car show in Germany, where some imbecile has used overweight models with the slogan, “HOT CARS DON’T NEED HOT GIRLS.” You suppose he’s proud of himself?