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Don’t play “Feelings” – Mr. Cobra HATES that song!


Quick quiz: To make sure they’re comfortable around animals, young children should spend time with…


a) Mr. Donkey
b) Mrs. Moo-Cow
c) Miss Chimpanzee
d) Mr. Deadly Cobra

Yeah, that doesn’t seem to be a tough one. It makes you wonder what’s gonna happen when this snake gets irritated by a tune he doesn’t like, or decides he wants something yellow for lunch today or whatever.

Come along, little Sally, now it’s time to go pet Mr. Snarly Hyena and Miss Rabid Bat…

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Women offer prayers to a cobra snake on the occasion of the Hindu festival of “Naag Panchami” in the central Indian city of Bhopal August 6, 2008. Naag Panchami is a unique festival dedicated to honoring the snake god. REUTERS/Raj Patidar

No shark, Sherlock!


So, somebody stole a rare shark from an aquarium in England. The owner thinks the thief “came prepared,” because it turns out to steal a shark you have to show up with a big bag full of water, a polystyrene box and a net.

jaws-0730-200.jpgSo let me get this straight. It wasn’t jewel thieves who broke into the wrong shop, huh?

Welcome to Pamplona lite!


bull-window-crop-200.jpgI’ve posted items recently on the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. And while I don’t think there is anything very macho about that activity – unless by macho you mean pathetic – I admit it does have some cachet when compared with another event this week.

Toro de Cuerda!! In English, that is “Bull on rope.” Yes. A bull restrained by a rope is allowed to “run” through the mean streets of Grazalema, Spain, while folks hide on handy structures above him. 

What beats what, Blog Guy?


frog-and-cycle-220.jpgBlog Guy, will you help settle some bar bets about what beats what if you match them against each other?

Sure. I can set up any kind of test match for you. My budget is huge.

Okay, a guy leaping like a frog, against a Yamaha motorcycle. Who wins?

As you can see in this photo, the Yamaha creamed the leaping frog guy.

jockeys-360.jpgCool! A race horse against a massive container ship. Who wins?

Surprisingly in our test match the container ship beat three horses.

Lastly, two young punks with hammers against an older woman with a broom?

I even shot video of this one. The broom-lady creamed the punks.

Wow! This is the best online service I’ve ever seen. I’m joining your Oddly Enough Blog Facebook network.

Hamming it up at theater in the round?


meat-2-200-0720.jpgFor the second time in a week, I’m presenting Things Maybe We Should Have Explained in a Caption, but Didn’t.

I have no choice, what with finding photos of a stage drama in which the caption tells us an actor is “dressed in meat.” Say what?

Floss more, and eat fewer humans…


crocodile-0716-crop-160.jpgBlog Guy, your career advice for recent grads seems to be the best available, and I just wanted up update my list of jobs to avoid before I send out my resumes. Any new scams I should know about?

For sure. There has been a real promotional blitz lately about the so-called “exciting field of crocodile dentistry.” Well, no matter what adjectives they use to describe this career – lucrative, glamorous, enjoyable - it really isn’t any of those things.

Sorry, I have no possums with me now…


pope-0716-hand.jpgBlog Guy, I collect pictures of popes with snakes. Do you have any? All I have so far is one of a guy with a rattlesnake, and to tell you the truth I’m not sure he’s a real pope.

Well weirdo, this is your lucky day. A big glossy shot of Pope Benedict and a python!

Señor Jiffy Pop, you’re exploding!


matador-and-woman-120.jpgOh brother, can I pick ‘em or what? On the Internet, this guy seemed so normal, but then I meet him in person…

He told me online he “works with animals.” Yeah. Turns out he tortures them to death!

Toss me another tourist, Toro!


pamplona-2-220.jpgDear Mama and Papa Bull, it’s exciting here in Pamplona! I can sure see why us bulls love the annual Running of the Tourists!

I feel a little guilty, though. Face it. If these people had any brains they wouldn’t be out jogging with huge honking bulls. Then they drink gallons of wine, just to give us even more of an edge!

Please look at me, Senator!


mutt-face-180.jpgIt seems Barack Obama has promised to get his daughters a dog after the election. You can even go to an American Kennel Club site and vote on a breed for them, in case the Obamas want your opinion. The AKC says, “presidential purebred dogs are as traditional as baseball and apple pie.”

But tradition isn’t all good. There was a time when choosing U.S. Presidents of a certain breeding, race and gender was traditional. Times change.