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Poochie and Gucci?


Excuse me please, there seems to be a dog on the catwalk.

This turns out to be something of a mystery. It didn’t just walk in from the outside, because I’m pretty sure they deadbolt the exits at these shows. Otherwise, why would anybody stay to watch them?

I know one other thing about this incident, as well. Even if the poor dog did the worst thing a dog can do before being pulled off the runway, we’ve seen a lot worse at these events.

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A pet dog walks on the runway at the end of AB Soul Spring/Summer 2008 women collection during Milan Fashion Week September 29, 2007. REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo

Ed, did you find my shoes? Ed? Ed?


cobra300.jpgWe have a video report that raises sort of a theological question. Who has done more good for mankind – the person who produced shoes festooned with precious gems to sell for $134,000 a pair, or the one who thought of guarding those shoes with a live cobra?

Yeah, it’s close, but I’m inclined to say the latter. The notion of a lethal deterrent has many handy home applications, especially in the area of dieting. I’ve now set scorpions loose in our potato chip drawer, put black widow spiders in our jar of Junior Mints, and let leeches run wild in the four places where we keep our jelly doughnuts. I also tried putting venomous snakes in with my Ben & Jerry’s, but they don’t seem too intimidating after a night in the freezer.

Employee of the Month will NOT be going to…


Regular readers know I enjoy a good euphemism as much as the next person. I had high praise for less-chisled to describe those of us who are slightly out of shape, and I loved vertical workstation, which described an office desk fitted over a treadmill.

But now, from Kazakhstan, we get a story about a lion that escaped from its cage at a zoo over the weekend, by sneaking out through a door that we are told was accidentally left open.

Watch out for that rex, Becks!


Remember when you were a kid, arguing about who would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and Batman, and stuff like that? Well, hold on to your hat, because scientists have just revealed that the Tyrannosaurus rex could outrun today’s athletes. I’m not making this up.

…this carnivore was certainly capable of running and would have little difficulty in chasing down footballer David Beckham, for instance, said one paleontologist in our news story.

Dummies in court: ewe be the judge…


Hey Blog Guy, a friend told me about a court system someplace where you can’t address the judge directly, and you have to speak to stuffed animals, instead. Could this be true?

I believe you’re talking about the famous “Ventriloquist Judges of Switzerland,” who hand down decisions through puppets like “Fluffy, the Hanging Lamb,” shown here. The best ventriloquist judge can deliver a full five-count verdict while drinking a glass of water, and never skip a beat.

Snakes and hyenas and children! Oh my!


hyenas300.jpgDear Blog Guy,
Recently you posted an item about some guy who lets hyenas live in his house, with his family. Do you have any more information about them?

Sort of. I have a two-minute movie, but it’s not narrated, so we just have to guess at the plot like some artsy foreign flick.

“You said let’s visit Spain and meet chicks, Floyd!”


“Well, Mr. Know-It-All, this is a fine mess. You said, let’s run down this alley, and they’ll go for that dude standing in the doorway! How does that seem to be workin’ for us so far?

“And you were the smarty-pants who said we could yell anything we wanted in English, because bulls only know Spanish! I guess maybe they have a damned foreign phrase book, ya think?

Cover girl for “Modern Wheelbarrow” magazine?


Did you hear the one about the Bavarian farmer’s daughter who posed for a calendar? No, really, she did. Every year a bunch of farm chicks pose for a Young Farmers’ calendar, which is an immediate sell-out.

Katharina, one of the models, explains that the purpose is to show how modern the industry is. “The calendar shows today’s farming – not what it was like in the old days,” she says.

Open a refreshing, frosty can of…what?


Okay, folks, it wasn’t that tough an assignment. The photographer was supposed to get cute pictures of a famous kid, her dolly and a cola. But here we sit, on deadline, with umpteen magazine-quality portraits of the girl, the Dalai Lama, and a koala.

I just don’t know how the client is gonna take this. Let’s get those creative juices flowing and use Post a Comment to come up with some new campaign slogan ideas to save the day.

Okay, these yellow bags have been cleared


I guess maybe there’s just no substitute for good breeding. Mok and Lai are two street mutts in Thailand who became ace sniffer dogs at an airport near the notorious Golden Triangle opium-producing region. They were plucked from obscurity under a program initiated by the king, to turn strays into police dogs.

While they won praise for their police work searching for drugs at an airport, there were a couple of minor behavior problems. Okay, let’s be honest. While sniffing the luggage the dogs liked to pee on it as well, and nit-picky passengers started complaining.