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Found: drivers with clothespins and really, really long car?

A stowaway skunk has found a ride for the long trip back home – or maybe not so long, depending on her behavior.

You may recall that this skunk wound up in Canada after traveling more than 2,200 miles shut in the back of a truck from California. Wildlife officials in Canada have been looking for somebody to ferry the animal home, but they could offer no promises that she wouldn’t do what skunks do at some point on the trip.

“It would have be somebody who would be prepared for that possibility,” one wildlife official said.

But now, the host of a California radio show, and the show’s producer, have volunteered to make the mercy run. Maybe they’re doing it because they’re kind and wonderful people, or maybe because, well, if they get sprayed while they’re on the air, it would make really good radio.

The mother of all dog fantasies…


This dog lives the life other dogs only dream about, helping with quality control for a dogs-only bakery operated by her owner. Here’s the part I really like. Her owner used to be a florist. So, one day the dog comes to work expecting more boring flowers, and finds this stuff instead.  No wonder pets are endlessly optimistic and extravagantly hopeful.bakery2.jpg

Ronja stands in front of the display in her owner’s dogs-only bakery in the western German city of Wiesbaden January 8, 2007. The owner of the bakery, “Dog’s Goodies”, Janine Saraniti-Lagerin, is a former florist.    REUTERS/Alex Grimm

Coming soon: Scorpions on a Plane?


So, do they think we were born yesterday? Just a couple of days after the movie Snakes on a Plane comes out on DVD amid lots of publicity, a guy gets stung by a scorpion aboard a flight to Toronto, and we’re not supposed to be suspicious?

This little incident will not only boost rentals of the DVD, but is likely to pave the way for the announcement of a Snakes sequel, Scorpions on a Plane. It’s well-known that the studio has rejected two other proposed sequels – Wolverines on a Plane as being too stupid, and Pineapples on a Plane as being, well, too boring.

Cats, over their heads in debt…



Everybody who has a cat knows how bad they are at managing money. They’re always like, “Can I have a couple of dollars?” and then they never pay it back. 

Quite a surprise, then, to read that an Australian bank actually issued a  credit card to a cat named Messiah.

The photo they didn’t want us to see…


Quick quiz: Which of these are signs of the Apocalypse?

a) pestilence
b) wars
c) floods
d) dressing little bitty dogs in Christmas outfits and playing Mariachi music for them

If you guessed all of the above, you’re correct, although d) is the one people tend to forget about, until it’s too late.fridaydog.jpg

I know, we can keep him in your dad’s garage!


polothis.jpgDear Blog Guy,
You usually seem to be ahead of the curve on new trends. What do you think will be the next big sport?
Sports Fan

Good question! I’m going to have to go with elephant polo.  It uses animals nobody owns, takes up lots of space, leaves a horrible mess, and is sponsored by an elite jeweler. How can it lose?

A McFlurry of excitement among hedgehog lovers…


You have to love it that something called the British Hedgehog Preservation Society tries to take on mighty McDonald’s over a badly designed dessert cup that has been killing hedgehogs

It seems the cute little guys stick their heads in the cup for a lick of left-over McFlurry and then can’t get out, starving to death. The Society has been badgering McDonald’s in the hedgehogs’ behalf for several years.

“So? What do you do for a living?”


Who could have guessed that the next big trend would be nun-matador bars? But here they are, wildly successful – at least, you know,  in cities that have both nuns and matadors.  Of course, you may have different ideas about what’s going on in this photo. Try your hand at a clever caption, and send it our way via Post a Comment.nuns300.jpg 

You come here often? Nuns talk to Spanish assistant bullfighters before the start of a bullfight at Pamplona’s bullring on the last day of the San Fermin festival July 14, 2006. REUTERS/Susana Vera 

A fetching day at the office…


This one is going to strike some readers as odd, but others – including me — will see it as an idea whose time has come.  It turns out a substantial number of U.S. companies let employees bring their pets to work, and if you’ve ever seen a big office with a few nice dogs walking around, it’s a very soothing sight. 

Tomorrow is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Several thousand companies are participating – is yours?  workdogs300.jpg                                                             

What could possibly go wrong?


Bad news for folks who desperately want to be trampled or gored by a large animal… You’re probably going to have to go to Spain and throw yourself down in front of a charging bull in Pamplona, because the U.S. version of that macho rite of passage just isn’t going to happen.

There had been plans to duplicate the famous running of the bulls, this time with buffalo charging through Deadwood, South Dakota.  In this wild west town,  where gunslingers once faced off and where Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down, and where people took what they wanted and made their own rules, what could possibly force them to shelve plans for an annual buffalo run?