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The Decent Human Beings win one?

July 29, 2010


Blog Guy, it looks like you’re gloating about something.

You bet I am. The Catalonia region of Spain has just passed a ban on bullfighting, a barbaric activity which I have mocked repeatedly in my blog. I like to think my readers helped tip the balance.

Check the neck, I don’t eat meat…

July 27, 2010

ellen vegan 490

Blog Guy, I know you love animals.

I’m thinking of becoming vegan. I’ve read that Ellen Degeneres and her spouse Portia de Rossi are both vegans. Is that right?

Pull up your socks, Dobbin!

July 21, 2010


Blog Guy, I’m a recent college graduate and I need  your help finding a suitable career. My mom got me a colorful brochure called “The Exciting World of Putting Socks on Horses,” and I wondered what you think of that career path.

Getting bored with getting gored?

July 15, 2010

pamplona 1 490

Blog Guy, I was surprised to find that Pamplona Running of the Bulls thing started several days ago. Usually you dump all over it in your blog. Don’t you care about animals anymore?

Happy Father’s Day to dads everywhere!

June 17, 2010


Welcome back to a regular feature we like to call, “What Year is this Again?” in in which we offer up news items which cause us to question whether we may have gone back in time.

Lamar, I think that jaguar is following you

June 14, 2010

Blog Guy, I saw a fascinating Reuters story that said biologists tracking jaguars in the Guatemalan jungle wear Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men because that particular cologne attracts big cats.

It’s all just food to him…

June 8, 2010


Blog Guy, I just graduated from college and I’m looking for a job. A recruiter sent me a glossy brochure called “The Exciting World of Feeding Giant Reptiles,” and I wondered what you know about opportunities in that field.

The little bear who was too cute to be real

April 22, 2010

Okay zoo staffers, I’m sick to death of all the other zoos in the world getting famous from really adorable animal babies. Polar bears and elephants and such-like. And don’t even get me STARTED on the pandas!

I theenk my wife, she is calling me!

April 15, 2010


Blog Guy, the other day you explained that it’s perfectly okay to root for the bull at a bullfight. So what else can we do to help even the odds?

On the horns of a dilemma?

April 13, 2010


Blog Guy, may I get a little serious here?

I really wish you wouldn’t.

root bull vertical 260Thanks. Last week when you wrote about El Señor Magoo, the matador with bad eyesight, some of the commenters mentioned going to bullfights and rooting for the bull. Is that allowed?