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News, but not the serious kind

Now act REAL scared, Mr. President!



Boy, talk about your big coups! We at Acme Films expect the runaway blockbuster of 2010 to be our “Jurassic Park IV: Raptors Meet the Death Panels of Doom.”

But the really big news is, we’ve done a deal to have the entire Obama family appear!

We’ve got acting coaches working with them and they’re coming along nicely. Here is a still from the scene in which they spot the velociraptors coming up the walkway toward the White House.

The Obamas are horrified, of course, because the raptors got right through security by claiming to be party guests…

I didn’t know they required a tie…


Blog Guy, it’s well known that you’re a real romantic, whose sophisticated dating advice is followed by many. Here is a couple on a date in Washington, DC. They are leaving a restaurant after a leisurely dinner. I’d like your thoughts.

The guy is a few steps behind her. Bad move. If there are muggers waiting to take her purse, he can’t do anything to stop them.