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Putting in a good word for good words


Most of us have favorite words, and it is a very personal choice. We enjoy the images they evoke and the sound that they make.

I remember hearing that someone’s favorite word was marmalade. Damn, that is one fine word. It brings to mind color, taste, aroma and sweet childhood summers.

Language is important in my blog, and I have tags for word play, puns, even mondegreens.

My own favorite word may be haberdasher. Most of us learn that word when we are taught that Harry Truman started out as one. Then we never use it again.

Come over to my yard for a fling?



Man, I love it when true stuff is stranger than anything I could make up for my blog. I mean, it’s like having a day off.

So I’m looking at an e-mail from the Pottery Barn folks, and down below the duvet covers and patchwork quilts I see something called Safety Recall Information. It informs me the chain is recalling a hammock stand.

Welcome back to Stupidville


Blog Guy, you’ve written about your brother Basil, who used to be an expat export expert and now plays mandolin in Mandalay. But do you have any other siblings?

alice dallas 240Sure, there’s my sister Alice. She lives in Dallas.

Does Alice have a nice house in Dallas?

Nice? It’s a palace!

A palace in Dallas for Alice?

She even has a sculpture in the garden.

A sculpture? Of what?

I’m sorry to say, it’s a phallus.

Sorry? You harbor malice toward Alice’s phallus in Dallas?

Well, perhaps I am callous.

Alice and Dallas 220But I thought you also had a sister named Susie.

Yeah. The floozy. She carries an Uzi…

I have to go now, Blog Guy. You just keep on talking.


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Actress Alice Braga poses at the premiere of her new film “The Rite” in Hollywood, January 26, 2011. REUTERS/Fred Prouser

“We almost always land”


Blog Guy, you haven’t written much recently about your secret career with Basler Turbo, that business in Wisconsin that converts DC-3 planes to be used for specific jobs.

Well, it so happens that right now I am very busy designinbasler airlines patch 340g a successor to the incredible Basler BT-67 airplane.

Three great inventions we really need…



Blog Guy, apart from writing textbooks and making airplanes, what do you do with your time?

I dabble at inventing. Someday one of my ideas will catch on, and that will be my ticket out of this dump.

The sound of family getting closer…



Blog Guy, it’s me, the private detective you hired to track down your birth family when you found out you were adopted. I have great news for you!

FILM-CANNES/I’ve found your family and I’m sending photos of your closest relatives, including your two brothers, in this picture at the top.

A bottomless well of really dumb thoughts


Blog Guy, I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. You strike me as a deep thinker, a philosopher, a guy who ponders heavy concepts in the middle of the night. Am I right?

ROSE PARADEI suppose maybe you are. I do often wonder whether Trader Joe and Trader Vic get together now and then to swap stuff.

Seeing the world with strings attached


Blog Guy, you haven’t mentioned your brother, Basil, in a while.

QATAR/I believe you once told us he works overseas, in an expatriate job. He’s an expert at export, as I recall?

No, he’s no longer an expat export expert. Basil left for a career as a folk musician. He moved to the Gulf, to play guitar in Doha.

Those Volkswagens are sure making good time!


railgun 490

U.S. Navy breaks railgun record

The U.S. Navy says it has shattered a record with its futuristic electromagnetic railgun by firing a projectile with enough force to launch 33 Volkswagen Beetles 100 miles all at once.

railgun 300 I guess I really don’t get out enough, because this video report, which I did NOT make up, is the first I’ve heard of the Navy’s so-called railgun project, with a logo and everything.

We’re going down! Is this blog finished?


man men crop this 490

Blog Guy, it’s me, your editor. Did you see that incredible season finale of the hit series Mad Men, with that cliffhanger where Don Draper…

pilot pope 220Stop, Boss! We don’t allow spoilers here.

Oh. Anyway, I was thinking since your last blog of the season is coming up, you could end it with some cliffhangers so people would come back next season.