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Hey Ratso! Who’s your designer?


Blog Guy, I’m a small furry creature of the forest. Why don’t haute couture designers ever come up with anything for us? We like to look good, too!

Have you got any money?

We have nuts and berries and roots.

Uh… Losing interest quickly…

Oh, and we also know where some highwaymen buried a  huge chest filled with gold coins 300 years ago, under a tree near…

You don’t say! You may want to visit a German designer who showed his stuff in Berlin recently under the label Rats of Berlin.

She’s SO sexy! I want to look just like her!

Well of course you do. Who wouldn’t?

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A model displays a creation by German designer Torsten Amft during a fashion show before the official start of the ‘Fashion week Berlin 2009′ in Berlin January 27, 2009. REUTERS/ Hannibal Hanschke

Doll! Love your new squaredo!


Blog Guy, I’m off to France tonight, and I know how fashion-conscious they are over there. Any beauty tips for moi?

Well, I hope your squaredresser gave you a good squarecut for the trip.

Squarecut? You mean a haircut?

Oh, I was afraid of this. Where have  you been, girlfriend? The very latest in chic is to have your hair modeled around a geometric frame, like these models at the Paris Haute Couture show.

Crown me later, elevator!


Blog Guy, it looks like beauty pageants are surging in popularity. Do you agree?

Not really. Check these photos from Spain. It seems there was so little interest in this pageant, they held it in an elevator.

What kind of a crack is that?


Blog Guy, I’ve been learning how to tell what’s important in the news by seeing how much coverage something gets. Can I ask a couple of questions?

Sure. Blog Guy will be happy to answer.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is the lead story now. How many pictures of him have you moved today?

Who’s your designer, babe? Eddie Bauer?


Note to fashion design staff: Every so often we need to remember that haute couture is about raw animal sexuality. It’s about a woman feeling desirable, about giving her the confidence to think, ”Hey, I’ll never look HOTTER than I do tonight!”

fashion-gumby-160.jpgTake the Pierre Cardin number shown here. When this woman shows up in this sizzling outfit,  jaws will drop and every man in the room will want to take her home.

Wow, you’re even better-looking in person!



Blog Guy, can you please settle a bet for me and my friends? Who is the best-looking guy in the world today?

Women tell me it’s George Clooney, for sure.

Cool. Then what can other guys do to look more like him?

Well, the main thing is the suit. A dude like that spends four, maybe five hundred bucks on a single suit, so of course he’s going to look great. Oh. And wear a tie, too.

Beauty tips from Hannibal Lecter


Readers come to this blog for the very latest in diet and beauty news, and it’s time again for Diet and Beauty Fair 2008, in Tokyo.

diet-and-beauty-blue-220.jpgThis year, the trend is very much to treat humans like food. For instance, there is this blue room, the “Salt Studio,” which uses salt tiles, high temperatures and humidity.

Wow, if you close your eyes, it looks real!


barbie-half-180.jpgHey Blog Guy, I know you’re completely on top of movie remakes and sequels. I’ve heard there is going to be another Jurassic Park sequel. Is that true?

Yeah, I’m afraid so, and as so often happens with sequels, this franchise has run out of steam.

My date with a red-hot model!


westwood-crop-140-0720.jpgGuys, you have to believe me! I have a REAL date with a REAL fashion model! I met her online. I checked her name with the agency, and she’s genuine.

I’m sure she’s drop-dead gorgeous. I thought it would be cool to see her for the first time like this, working at a fancy show. I brought you guys along so you can spread the word about how lucky I am. Earl, you capture all the magic on this video camera, so my ex will die from envy.

Does this make my butt look big?


Dear Blog Guy, I have a fashion problem and I hope you can help. People tell me I have a very nice build, but I think I’d prefer to look like I have a huge butt. Does anyone design clothes that do that?

Wow, I have to say I don’t get that request very often. You should check out an outfit I tracked down for you at a Paris fashion show just yesterday. If this doesn’t protect you from bothersome compliments, nothing will.