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Your favorite posts of all time…


I mentioned a few days ago that this blog is going away soon, so it seems appropriate to take a look back at what readers clicked on the most.

I must say, this list of the top 10 posts for the past five years surprised me. But I can’t argue with our official traffic statistics, these little nicks by the snack room vending machine were definitely made by Lamar.

Some of the items make sense. People would want to know which jobs they should avoid, what not to do with cameras around, and even the worst idea of all time.

But some of these others just seemed to be popular for no apparent reason. And as for the one in first place, maybe it has something to do with the photo.

The best of another goofy month


November was another month full of news you can use from this blog.

Traffic stats for the 10 most popular items show that readers were especially eager to learn what makes the perfect gift, how to avoid as many of those Kardashians as possible, and what superstars miss most when they’re filming away from home.

They also appreciated my new insights into goofy history, with true stuff like what Abe Lincoln did on the South Lawn, and how King James I amused himself.

Try to remember the best of September


The figures are in for this blog’s most popular posts in September, and readers showed a wide variety of interests. They flocked to our pieces on rugby, especially the nude variety, and were eager to learn about flying machines and submarines you can build at home.

Throw in some arts, politics and entertainment, and you’ve got a well-rounded month for folks who no longer need constant supervision.

The duchess, the chimp and the corn dog


This blog’s August statistics are in, and once again, patterns are starting to form which will allow me to do a better job of reaching my audience. It’s all in knowing how to read the results.

Of the 10 most popular items, two were about politicians eating corn dogs, three involved very cute animals and two more featured Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The best of July, a definite pattern?


Well, it’s time to look at the blog traffic statistics for July, and never has there been a clearer pattern.

Of the 10 most-read items, SEVEN were about the Duchess of Cambridge and her six-month visit to every city, town and hamlet in Canada.

The top 10 posts for a goofy June…


June was a very good month for the blog. Our traffic statistics showed that readers flocked to information they could use, along with our hard-hitting exposés of, you know, stuff.

We suggested a Father’s Day gift Dad will never forget, we told you how the rich and powerful manage to look better than you do, and we even told you how to get George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend. Maybe.

The very best of a goofy month…


May was off the charts for goofiness.

It turned out the world didn’t end,Trump didn’t run, and Arnold didn’t have any class, and my readers flocked to those stories.

There was plenty more good stuff on the top 10 list, too. Reports on a practical joke camp for adults, Michelle Obama’s striking similarity to a cartoon character, the worst-ever police decoy….

The very best of April…


It’s time to look at the most popular blog items from a very goofy month.

No surprise, a certain wedding featured strongly in the top ten, capturing slots one and two, among others.

Beyond that, it was news you could use. Readers liked tips that could save their marriage, and items about pistol-armed fashion models and one-armed stiletto users.

The very, very best of March…



It’s time to reveal this blog’s 10 most popular items for the month of March.

It seems clear that my readers are a blogger’s dream. They are hungry for information, and not too particular about how accurate it is.

The very, very worst month of all?



Nah, February wasn’t really the worst month.

YEMEN-PROTEST/It’s just that headlines with best and worst in them always do very well, a lesson I learned yet again upon calculating this blog’s most popular items for the month.

Indeed, my top three posts for February each contained superlatives. Right, like I’m really qualified to name the best or worst of anything.