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That’s like a quarter of a million, isn’t it?



Blog Guy, you’re looking positively jubilant today. Why are you rejoicing?

I’ve made the big time. My blog’s Facebook Network hit 25,000 members yesterday.

milestone combo 340CONGRATULATIONS! There must have been one HUGE celebration when that happened.

Indeed. Washington was all ablaze with glory. The very heavens seemed to have come down. Rockets flashed to and fro in fiery lines, and banners waved above the tumultuous throng…

Let me stop you right there, Blog Guy. That sounds very familiar…

milestone arkansas 320You’re quoting a  newspaper story from April 14, 1865, describing Washington DC’s celebration over the end of the Civil War! It didn’t really happen to you yesterday.

The best of January? Read it and weep…



It’s time to calculate my most popular blog posts for the month, and you could knock me over with an anvil.

USA-CONGRESS/Readers flocked to the really meaty, newsy items, looking for stuff they can’t find anywhere else.

The most popular holiday isn’t Christmas?


december panda 490

Since I’ve already revealed this blog’s most popular items for all of 2010 it’s going to be a bit less dramatic to list the top 10 for December, but I’m required to do it for those of you who wager on the results.

MOROCCODecember readers shared my personal appreciation for the truly absurd, especially a program to prepare panda cubs to return to the wild by dressing their human handlers as pandas, and a U.S. Navy project that is so bizarre I’m not even going to describe it here.

Love Hmong the Ruins, a very goofy year



After all the various lists of best stories and photos and signs of the Apocalypse and bad fashion and stuff, this blog all comes down to fun.

I just get a special enjoyment from doing some items, and I hope it shows. Sometimes it’s because people do real things that you would never imagine. Other times a photo or germ of an idea just makes me laugh and I take off with it.

A great year to be a dumbass!



As you may have noticed, 2010 was quite a year for dumbasses.

It seems like they were everywhere. Celebrities, sports figures, politicians, and just regular dumbasses as well, the kind who might live next door to you.

dumbass sheen 240Until recently the victims of widespread discrimination, dumbasses now seem to be not only accepted, but even in vogue. Look at any “talking head” news show on TV.

Are you back again? Most popular posts for 2010


My above average readers have made this the second most popular Reuters blog for 2010, measured in both visits and page views, which is great news for me.

Of course, it’s better news for the smart guy who writes the number one blog, but still…

Planning a trip? Don’t go there…



My blog, which has been named by Travel and Leisure magazine as one of the Top travel Websites, dispensed a butt-load of great travel advice this year.

We found plenty of great places for you to avoid, and lots of reasons just to stay at home, which is what sane people did in 2010.

The eight goofiest photos of 2010


goofiest pix combo top 490

I am thankful every single day for the photos I get to use in this blog.

USA-MEXICO/Without them, I would just be another doofus trying to describe goofy stuff in words, and who needs that?

I’d be like, “Oh man, you should have seen Hillary’s face when Karzai pulled a quarter out of her ear!” Or like, “Queen Elizabeth was so cheesed off when Prince Charles described that cockroach he found in his haggis!”

Are we the meat in a goofy sandwich?


canada mexico poutine 490

Don’t look now, but the U.S. is surrounded. Mexico went goofy in 2010, and Canada went even goofier.

G8/This is serious. These are our closest neighbors to the north and south, but don’t ask me which is which. I guess I need a map.

Manure couture: worst men’s fashion



Okay, we all had our laughs yesterday at the year’s worst women’s fashions.

Today’s topic, awful new men’s fashions, is a bit more personal and painful.