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The very best of June…

July 3, 2010

SOCCER-WORLD/My blog’s traffic statistics for June are in, and the lesson is very clear. Readers are embracing the blog’s shift from pure humor to “news you can use,” as they seek information to improve their lives.

Best of May: stormy weather and bygone romance

May 30, 2010

It’s time for the official statistics revealing this blog’s most popular items for May, and I’m proud to note that readers didn’t just go for cheap yuks, they went for the high-class stuff, too.

Most popular posts for April…

May 1, 2010

Come on, Blog Guy, it’s like May 1st. Time to tell us your 10 most popular blog posts for April, so we can collect on our bar bets!

10,000 strange and dangerous people…

April 12, 2010

milestone crop 490

Hey Blog Guy, what’s with the big grin on your face?

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO/Great news. My Facebook Blog Network just hit 10,000 members, which is a pretty big deal. I guess that’s just about everybody on the Internet.

Nine gifts that keep on giving

April 7, 2010

Let’s face it. I am never going to run out of goofy photos. Our photo service issues more than 1,500 pictures a day, so new stuff keeps on coming. And yet, looking back over the three years I’ve been doing this blog, there are certain old friends that keep returning for encores.

My March Madness: best of the month

March 28, 2010

I got the March traffic stats showing the most popular items  for this blog, and the trend continues. Readers flocked to the more educational posts offering information they can use.

Top 10 things about the blog in February

February 28, 2010

This was a very good month for the blog. I tried doing a few items in list form, and it paid off in page views. I did this for 10 reasons, but I don’t remember what they were.

Five people I don’t want to meet…

February 10, 2010

Readers often say to me, “Bob, in your line of work you must meet lots of interesting people,” and I say to them, “No, not really.”

January’s top blog posts: a time for learning…

January 31, 2010

The traffic statistics are in for January, the first month of the new, slightly more educational, grown-up version of this blog, and clearly readers are coming along for the ride.

Tops for December: blog enters the steam age?

January 3, 2010

Sorry, this one is a bit anticlimactic since I’ve already posted several lists on the top blog posts for 2009, but for legal reasons involving off-shore gambling accounts and so on, I still need to identify this blog’s most popular posts for December.