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The last of the red-hot photo goof-fest!


Blog Guy, last week you kicked off your Best of 2009 lists with the five Goofiest Photos of the Year, remember?

I surely do remember, because immediately after I published it I thought of two more that deserved to be in that list, as well. One shows two world leaders having fun behind the wheel, and the other shows invading space goddesses getting their first look at Earthlings.

goofy gaddafi 490

But wait. Isn’t it your blog? Couldn’t you have the SEVEN Goofiest Photos of the Year?

You know, I really could! So readers, consider these two photos here to be really goofy shots that my photo editor was supposed to give me last week but she was like busy ordering carry-out Thai food or doing her nails or something.

Top 10 items that make milk come out of my nose…


my list combo top 490

In recent days I’ve done yearly lists of the year’s goofiest photos, readers’ favorite items in my blog and the best headlines.

mine hair breasts220Today, I present my own list of personal favorites, the ones that cracked me up when I did them, and still do.

Top 10 heads that turned your heads in 2009


head crop 490

Readers often say to me, “Bob, your blog is so freaking lame, how the hell do you get folks to click on it?”

head oktoberfestcrop 220The answer, of course, is headlines.

I shouldn’t be giving away trade secrets, but journalists know that a funny, clever, or downright misleading headline can often trick people into reading something, no matter how bad it is.

Your choice, the dumbest stuff of the year…


top posts combo 490

As years go, 2009 was a fairly moronic one.

top posts combo vertical 200Designer fashions got more bizarre, new gadgets got crazier, we had the White Hat Conspiracy to contend with, Madonna and her nutty car were everywhere…

And you, dear readers, voted with your eyeballs to choose the  top ten posts in this blog.

The all new Lock and Load Blog!


Well, drop a grenade down my pants, this one REALLY took me by surprise!

The official tabulation of this blog’s posts for November reveals that the most popular item had nothing to do with Victoria’s Secret or stupid fashions or Barack Obama or the other usual topics.

Instead, it involved ceremonies honoring Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the weapon that bears his name.

Your top site for guns and freakish fashion!


Looking back at my blog’s traffic statistics for October, it was an interesting month.

The five most popular items were divided between guns and freakish fashion.

That’s useful in identifying my demographic, as well as in giving me a good reason to move to Yemen and change my phone number.

A huge thrill for Megan Fox?


I am just SO danged proud of all you readers!

Despite my sacred vow that you will never learn anything from my blog, when you found out here that actress Megan Fox has a quote from “King Lear” tattooed on her back, you made it the most popular post of the month!

All’s I can figure is, all you crazy Shakespeare lovers wanted to memorize the full quote!

Most popular posts for August: Surprise, surprise!


It’s time to release this blog’s five most popular posts for August, and it underscores that every month I learn something new about my readers’ interests.

For instance, from the wildly popular item illustrated by this photo on the left, I learned that readers of this blog are very curious about special warfare in South Korea.

The best of a very stupid month…


I have to admit July was kind of a goofy month for this blog, and I found that no matter how close I got to the edge, lots of you were right there with me, clicking and reading.

That’s right, you folks played along with the soldier and the melons, the nose-picker, the horrible swim-up bar, even, amazingly, the real honest-to-God snake oil salesman.

Well-rounded readers pick best posts…


This blog’s top five most popular posts for June reflected the well- rounded interests of my readers.

They clearly are absorbed by space, flocking to a post about chicks from other planets. Also the presidency – Obama eating a candy bar – and the legal system, in the form of the Phil Spector trial.