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The best dumb stuff from May…


Once again, the top-five most popular posts in this blog for May reflect the diverse interests of our readers.

We’ve got sports – okay, lingerie football, but that still counts.  We’ve got romance in the form of the smoking brides and the marriage countdown bra.

We have parenting, reflected by the visitor who tried changing her baby on a bench at the White House, and fashion is represented by the very worst outfit in the entire history of the world.

Heck, with all that, how could anybody NOT read this blog? If you have any friends who aren’t yet regular readers, send them this selection.

April bests: why are you smiling?


My blog’s traffic stats have been tabulated for April, and I’m proud of the results.

The diverse subject matter in the top five posts shows readers are coming here for news they can’t get anyplace else.

Topless makes it to the top?


The results are in for the most popular items in this blog for March, and there were some interesting results.

Two of the top five posts were about the Obama family in “regular folks” situations. Him drinking a beer, her scooping food at a homeless kitchen.

Hot on the Web in Feb…

It’s March already, so it’s time to head over to the OBB (Off-Blog Betting) parlor and collect your winnings if you correctly guessed my blog’s five most popular posts for February.

Two of them were about Barack Obama and the others were about stupid stuff, so I’m illustrating it with a Victoria’s Secret shot for no apparent reason. You’ll thank me later.

The winner is, a stupid gadget!


It’s time for this blog’s top five Most Popular Posts for January, measured by reader traffic. So look at the results, and collect your bets.

I should point out that there’s nothing here about the Super Bowl or Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, but I’m not above mentioning those things to attract readers. Here they are, and good luck to all.

From Sarah Palin to the jacuzzi floozy!


I understand this is a tad anticlimactic, since we’ve already announced this blog’s most popular posts for all of 2008.

But for you folks who wager on the best of the month, and you know who you are, these were the five most popular posts for December.

Odd Blog best of 2008: Stupid stuff kept on coming!


It was a great year for really stupid stuff. Absurdity and irony abounded, and traffic to the Oddly Enough blog was measured in the millions. We asked a bunch of famous people their opinion of Oddly Enough, and the satisfaction in their faces here is all the reward this simple, honest blogger needs.

Here are two top ten lists for 2008. The first were your ten favorite posts.

Below that, I’m offering my own favorite ten for the year, like anybody cares.

And November’s top blog posts were…


Blog Guy, give us the list of the most popular items in your blog for November. A lot of us continue to wager on this stuff, and all my Christmas money is riding on this!

Okay, if  you were smart enough to figure out that Barack Obama was a pretty big story in November, you’re halfway there.

October’s best of the month…


This blog did VERY well in October. Thanks for coming, and please keep coming back with your friends.

Special thanks to all of you who linked to us from your blogs, and who shared my stuff via Mixx, Neatorama, Fark, Digg and so on.

Reader favorites: collect your winnings…


Many readers have asked why I still haven’t posted the list of this blog’s top five reader favorites for September. To quote them verbatim, they say, “Bob, why haven’t you posted the monthly list of reader favorites for September?”

Of course the answer is I’ve been extremely busy writing about the political campaign and international fashion. But I know that many readers wager on this information, so here goes: