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The best stupid stuff from August

September 2, 2008

Blog Guy, did I miss it? Have you announced the top five most popular items in your blog for August? I stayed home Labor Day Weekend just for this!

Tops for July: from waxy Hitler to texty bosom…

August 2, 2008

Okay, you’ve had plenty of time to place your bets – which we don’t condone – so it’s time to reveal this blog’s most-read posts for July. There is no common thread except weirdness in general. It appears my readers have a healthy range of interests, from Hitler decapitations, to bikinis, to stupid fashions.

“Stupid” guy zooms to the top!

July 1, 2008

victoria-300.jpgBlog Guy, me and my friends don’t read books at the beach any more. Instead, we use wireless to surf your blog and read it aloud to each other. It’s a great way to attract chicks. 

Victoria’s Secret not in top five?

May 30, 2008

secret-2-160.jpgI’m as surprised as anybody, but not a single item about Victoria’s Secret made it into the top five postings for this blog in May!

Second place, the bikini! First place…

May 2, 2008

victoria-2-200.jpgBlog Guy, I’ve seen readers mention wagering large sums on the most popular items in your blog, but I didn’t believe it until now. I’m in Las Vegas, and the gaming in a classy casino has stopped while we await your April results.  My money is on that emaciated model.

Showing the remains of the day…

March 28, 2008

fashion-death-300.jpgBlog Guy, it’s that time of month again. What were the most popular postings in your blog? I have a lot of money riding on that one about using dead models in fashion shows. Am I right?

You loved Mercedes Man!

February 29, 2008

mercedes-crop-300.jpgBlog Guy, it’s time once again to find out what the most popular items were in your blog for this month.

The word bathroom works like a charm…

February 1, 2008

submarine-300.jpgBlog Guy, every month my car pool bets on what will be the most popular items in your blog.

So what makes you click, Rick?

December 28, 2007

Dear Blog Guy,

The people in my neighborhood have bookmarked our favorite posts from your blog, and we have weekly meetings to discuss them.

Big month for nude pumpkins and red liquor…

November 30, 2007

schnapps-300.jpgI’m the reader who asked a few months ago what your most popular postings were.