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The best stupid stuff from August


Blog Guy, did I miss it? Have you announced the top five most popular items in your blog for August? I stayed home Labor Day Weekend just for this!

You didn’t miss anything – it was very close this time, and knowing that some people bet heavily on these results, we reran the data just to make sure.

Once again, a diverse spread of topics, from bicycle trees to tips on looking like George Clooney, to stuff from the Olympics. You may now collect your winnings.

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anderson-sydney-280.jpg5. Mmmmm, ripe, juicy bicycles!

4. Stuff they don’t want you to see

3. Even better-looking in person!

2. I’m dropping my pants…

1. A very goofy photo opportunity!

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Tops for July: from waxy Hitler to texty bosom…


Okay, you’ve had plenty of time to place your bets – which we don’t condone – so it’s time to reveal this blog’s most-read posts for July. There is no common thread except weirdness in general. It appears my readers have a healthy range of interests, from Hitler decapitations, to bikinis, to stupid fashions.

If you’re reading these results on a sandy beach using a wireless device, stand up now and shout, “Is everybody here a member of the Oddly Enough blog network?

“Stupid” guy zooms to the top!


victoria-300.jpgBlog Guy, me and my friends don’t read books at the beach any more. Instead, we use wireless to surf your blog and read it aloud to each other. It’s a great way to attract chicks. 

I wanted to be sure I had your most popular posts from the month of June. What were they?

Victoria’s Secret not in top five?


secret-2-160.jpgI’m as surprised as anybody, but not a single item about Victoria’s Secret made it into the top five postings for this blog in May!

Oh sure, everybody will have a theory on that, but personally I think it was because we didn’t have a single post that even mentioned Victoria’s Secret.

Second place, the bikini! First place…


victoria-2-200.jpgBlog Guy, I’ve seen readers mention wagering large sums on the most popular items in your blog, but I didn’t believe it until now. I’m in Las Vegas, and the gaming in a classy casino has stopped while we await your April results.  My money is on that emaciated model.

Ouch, I hope you hedged your bet a bit. Yours was number three. The top item was $60,000? I only parked for an hour!, about a new kind of urban car parking being tested. The post was very, very popular.

Showing the remains of the day…


fashion-death-300.jpgBlog Guy, it’s that time of month again. What were the most popular postings in your blog? I have a lot of money riding on that one about using dead models in fashion shows. Am I right?

Car Pool Fool

You know, I still think you and your car pool pals should be betting on something other than this, or maybe even saving up in case your kids get into college. But I have to admit you may be pleased with the March results.

You loved Mercedes Man!


mercedes-crop-300.jpgBlog Guy, it’s time once again to find out what the most popular items were in your blog for this month.

As you know, my car pool bets heavily on this, especially in a month such as this, with no other high-profile competitions to take our action. Come on, give us the results and make me very rich!

The word bathroom works like a charm…


submarine-300.jpgBlog Guy, every month my car pool bets on what will be the most popular items in your blog.

Can you please give us the most popular postings for January? I’d like to collect my money in time for the weekend, and I’m positive it must have been “Hey boss, check out the milksop!”

So what makes you click, Rick?


Dear Blog Guy,

The people in my neighborhood have bookmarked our favorite posts from your blog, and we have weekly meetings to discuss them.

We’re having our year-end pot-luck dinner at my house on New Year’s Eve, and I just wondered if you have any information on the most popular posts of the year, so we can view them together on my big screen?

Big month for nude pumpkins and red liquor…


schnapps-300.jpgI’m the reader who asked a few months ago what your most popular postings were.

We now keep a multimedia scrapbook, and reread your best stuff at family get-togethers. Can you update it with the best of November? It would mean a lot as relatives gather for the holidays.