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You loved those flying cars!


cars-this-360.jpgHey, Blog Guy! It’s the end of another month. I recall that at the end of August, you listed the most popular items for that month – any way that can become a regular feature?

All my friends and neighbors would love it!

You know, buddy, writing in italics doesn’t make you any more believeable. Anybody can do that.  But yes, that best-of-August posting was very popular, so I’m doing it again, this time with the TEN most-read posts of September. Tell your friends and neighbors, if you really have any.

Flying cars not a total success

Wait boss, I’m not done contradicting you!

“I (your name here) lost my bearings…”

You! In the bikini! Move to the left!

Good luck on your autopsy, get well soon

When gravity becomes the bad news

Now, even better than casual Friday…

Let me guess – he’s sitting behind ME?

Introducing the waist-necklace?

Me? I thought YOU told her about bracelets!

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Your favorite posts for August were…


Blog Guy, our family keeps a list of our favorite postings in your blog. We read them over and over, and laugh until root beer comes out of our noses. We were just wondering if other readers have favorites, too?
The Johnsons

Okay, nobody believes for a moment that there’s a Johnson family that rereads this junk, but I am able to tell you the most popular posts.