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Different spokes for different folks?



Blog Guy, I have a question about bicycle racing. I saw pictures recently where it looked like the tires the racers were using didn’t even have any spokes. Is that possible?

bike tires 320Yeah, maybe. Anything’s possible.

Really? That’s your answer? Where did you get such detailed, elaborate information?

From a spokesman.

Oh. I can’t argue with that, then.

Yes, you spoke too soon.

So what specific sort of race are these folks competing in, then?

This is the Slouching Bad Boys Solid Wheel Poor Posture qualifying race, designed for men who ignored their parents’ warnings to “Sit up straight and get your elbows off the table.”

I had no idea rebels like that were even allowed in organized sports.

Stay tuned for the next event, for punks who run with scissors and take a slice of bread out of a toaster with a metal knife.

Finally, a job for you bikers…


ducati bikers 490

Blog Guy, I’m hoping I can get some of your famous job-hunting advice. I’m a guy who likes to ride motorcycles.

Ah. Any other skills?

ducati models 320Absolutely none.

Well, normally I wouldn’t have much to offer someone with your, um, limited qualifications.