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How I spent my vacation…


Blog Guy, you never take vacations, do you? I notice you blog every day of the year. That’s quite a pace!

Yes, but honestly, blogging isn’t very hard work. I’m not in danger of dropping over from exhaustion or anything.

Anyway, I am finally going on a vacation, starting today. One of those space vacations, like in these pictures.

Gosh, aren’t those really expensive?

Not if you go stand-by. I’m gambling that a seat will open up before launch.

The very best of April…


It’s time to look at the most popular blog items from a very goofy month.

No surprise, a certain wedding featured strongly in the top ten, capturing slots one and two, among others.

Beyond that, it was news you could use. Readers liked tips that could save their marriage, and items about pistol-armed fashion models and one-armed stiletto users.

Give your money to me



No, I don’t really want you to send me your money. Unless, you know, you don’t want it.

That headline was just a trick, a gimmick that we journalists sometimes use to get you to read stories you wouldn’t otherwise notice.

Another tragic thinking mishap…




What is it this time, Boss?

There’s smoke coming out of that model’s hair out there on the runway! What’s wrong with her?

UKRAINE-FASHION/I guess that’s my fault, Boss. She was looking for something to read backstage, so I showed her those Reuters Analysis and Opinion things, on my iPad.