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You, who are on the oats…

December 9, 2008

Blog Guy, I know you’re an authority on 1960s music. What’s David Crosby up to these days? I thought I saw him advertising oatmeal on television!

Can we get your big sister to wear this one?

September 30, 2008

helfer-2-180.jpghelfer-2-180.jpgMay we talk openly? We all know the fashion industry has a history of discrimination against designs by a certain specific group of people. Don’t even try to deny it.

I want your dinner and your pillow!

September 2, 2008

bodybuilder-140.jpgQuick quiz: The guy in this photo is saying…

“Hi! Looks like we’re seatmates all the way to Tokyo!”

“You don’t mind if I fly naked, do ya Bob?

“You take the middle seat. Sometimes I have to get to the lavatory REAL fast!”

Oh sure, Mom, you saw WHO?

August 31, 2008

obama-breakfast-woman.jpgDear Patty, I’m afraid Mom has had another setback in the area of hallucinating.

Cheese it, Lefty! It’s Police Pope!

July 17, 2008

police-pope-crop-140.jpgOkay guys, this action show concept is a guaranteed hit, so help me brainstorm it.

This here’s Dogwood, Mister… Got treats?

June 11, 2008

dogwood-2-180.jpgBlog Guy, I’ve heard there’s this town someplace that’s completely run by dogs. Could this possibly be true?

Papa John’s? Me ‘n’ Ernie want a million pizzas!

June 2, 2008

Quick quiz: In this photo, a cadet is…

    playing the oldest practical joke in the book: “It’s for you, Mr. President!” helping Bush leave a voice mail drafting Scott McClellan. having Bush call his Latin professor a “big fat poo-poo head” dumping his fiancée by having Bush say, “I need Ernie for a secret mission!”

bush-crop-360.jpgPresident George Bush talks on cellphone handed to him by a cadet during Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado Springs, Colorado May 28, 2008. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Stupid story gets much stupider

May 6, 2008

schiller-120.jpgRecently I told you about Friedrich Schiller, the famous German writer. Folks dug up a skull they thought was his, and then 100 years later they dug up another and debated which one was really him.

Do you have the May issue of Nose-Picker?

April 24, 2008

valentino-200.jpgFrom Moscow, news that some billionaire is starting a magazine named Snob. I’m serious.

Grandma, here’s your pail of BlackBerries!

April 23, 2008

handheld-120.jpgOnce upon a time, Grandma sent her three grandchildren into the woods to gather blackberries, so she could make a fine dessert for dinner.