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Topless makes it to the top?


The results are in for the most popular items in this blog for March, and there were some interesting results.

Two of the top five posts were about the Obama family in “regular folks” situations. Him drinking a beer, her scooping food at a homeless kitchen.

Two more of the top five were just plain weird, and you can decide for yourself how they cracked the big-time.

But the real mystery is how a trend toward partial toplessness in haute couture, leaving models holding the bag, so to speak, made it to number one.

You call it fashion, I call it flashin’


A few days ago I did a very popular post on what appeared to be a fashion trend, a dress that leaves one breast exposed, so the woman has to cover it with her hand. I saw some flaws in the idea, and there was plenty of reader discussion about it.

Good news! The designer of The Dress, Kimya Glasgow, has now assured me she did not intend for the creation to be worn in such a revealing manner.

Fashion models just hanging out?


Earlier this week I did an item about a hot new fashion trend, dresses that leave one you-know-what exposed, so a woman has to cover it with her hand. I pointed out many flaws in this design, like if you’re left-handed it’s hard to take notes in algebra class and stuff like that.

But some readers were like, “Bob, that’s just one dress, it’s not a trend, so shut up.”

Lady, can I hold that for ya?


This is THE hot new look in women’s fashion, but I see flaws.

I sent my Oddly Enough Consumer Team out to test this dress, and here are some of their comments:

    It’s uncomfortable when you put ice cubes in a drink and then put your hand back Hailing a taxi is tricky, but usually successful Tough for left-handed chicks to dial their cellphone It’s so awkward when Grandpa asks you to help move his sofa On a date, much confusion over whether a guy made it to first or second base

Ed, shake hands with my sister!


The emperor has no clothes, and apparently neither does the empress.

We have this fashion show photo, which I have tastefully cropped for you, in which nothing covers the model’s breasts except her own two hands. This is called a fashion “creation.”

Ladies, before you rush out to spend your money on something – or nothing – similar, consider just some of the problems I foresee:

“Here! It’s not empty, but crush it anyway!”


Boy, they always go after the big-hearted environmentalists, don’t they? Do the green movement and global warming and the Nobel Peace Prize and stuff like that mean nothing anymore?

You take this barmaid in Australia. She was fined hundreds of dollars, just for crushing beer cans, as many of us do to save our dwindling resources.

Sex doesn’t get much worse…


If Dawn Madden’s breasts were a pair of Danishes, Debby Crombie’s got two Space Hoppers.

Ahem. As this sentence suggests, it’s time again for the Literary Review’s annual Bad Sex in Fiction awards. This time, the top prize went to author Iain Hollingshead, for a passage in his novel Twenty Something, and the award was presented by Courtney Love. Here is The Review’s story, and here are this year’s short-listed passages:courtney.jpg

Doc enlarges breasts, but left holding the bag…


As wanted posters go, these are fairly unusual. A German plastic surgeon who was cheated out of payment by several women whose breasts he enlarged has given pictures of the results to police, in the hope that the photos will help trace them.

The women registered under fake names, Michael Koenig, a surgeon in Cologne, told Bild newspaper. After the operations, which lasted about an hour, they just ran away.