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Finally screening their visitors?


Blog Guy, for a school assignment I have to write about a good deed done by a blog. I know your blog aims to improve the human condition. What have you done lately?

I’m glad you asked. Recently I published an item about Britain’s prime minister having to wait outside to greet guests, because he couldn’t see them coming. I suggested a good old-fashioned screen door, so he could watch from his living room.

He must read my blog, because voila, they now have a blue net at 10 Downing Street. It’s not quite as attractive as aluminum, but it does the job.

Thanks! So those British people really didn’t know about screen doors until your blog?

I say, Barak! Don’t slam that screen door!

Blog Guy, in all your coverage of the G20 meeting in London, I was wondering. Have you ever been there?

Sure! At least I think so.

Can you give your readers a behind-the-scenes look at what life is like in such a totally different culture? What’s the biggest difference you’ve seen between the Americans and those English people?

G20: The one they came to see?


Blog Guy, I know you’re closely following that G20 summit they’re having. I guess it’s pretty exciting, what with you-know-who joining them this time.

Absolutely. People are thrilled and excited. Everybody wants a glimpse at the greatness.

You’re Queen for a Day!


Blog Guy, I want to be royalty in my next life. Those people get to do whatever they want. Command performances, the best art…

You’re so right. We sent an Oddly Enough team around with Queen Elizabeth yesterday, so you could see the rich tapestry that unfolds for her.

Dancer formerly known as Prince


Blog Guy, it’s ME! I’m the guy who collects photos of U.S. presidents dancing, and your blog helped me out with some that I was missing.

So now, I’ve expanded it to include royalty, as well. I thought maybe you could help me out again.

Shakespeare my butt!


HUGE news in the literary world! A newly discovered portrait of William Shakespeare is being billed as the only authentic image of him painted WHILE HE WAS ALIVE.

Because of my background in arts and science, they asked me to authenticate it.

I told them this man is NOT Shakespeare, based on the sporty necktie and modern suit. But it turns out they meant the dude on the left, with the doily on his shoulders.

Here they come, let’s listen in…


“As you can see, Your Highness, the people of Chile are happy to see you and… HEY! Who DID that?

“I see that smirk on your face, Duchess! You think I don’t know you goosed me with that umbrella?

Does seeing the movie count?


In the big surprise of the week, a survey has found that two out of three Britons have lied about reading books they didn’t really read!

Wow, call Woodward and Bernstein!

It turns out they lie most about “War and Peace,” which of course no human has ever finished, and “Ulysses” by somebody named Joyce, whoever she was.

You’re so short, uh, uh, uh….


Blog Guy, a few months ago you did several posts following Prince Charles’ efforts to break into show biz as an actor, singer, comedian, etc. Has he made any progress?

Sort of, I guess. His comedy routine seems patterned after somebody like Don Rickles. He picks people out like this little girl, and makes fun of them. Kind of sad.

Sure I’ll meet you! Just say Wen!


Hey, Blog Guy, I always come to your blog for all my in-depth international news. Nowhere else.

Wow, you must be interesting to talk to at parties.

I don’t get invited to too many of them. But anyway, wasn’t British Prime Minister Gordon Brown supposed to meet with China’s Premier Wen Jiabao yesterday? How did that go?