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Nine things I’ll miss most about this blog


Let’s get the sad news out of the way first.

After an exhilarating five-year run, this blog is ending its run here. Websites change, and take new directions.

The slightly better news is that we have a couple of weeks until my final post, so let’s have fun.

I’ve enjoyed everything about creating and writing Oddly Enough. My advice is, if somebody offers to pay you to be a sarcastic smartass, take the job. Especially if it includes dental insurance.

Some of the things I will miss most…

9. The Photos: The Reuters photo file is a grand candy store. It has been a treat to look through it daily, searching for goofy gems in a sea of serious images. I’m sure it’s fair to say many of the shots in my blog don’t get used anyplace else. Indeed, it was the richness of our photo archive that inspired the blog’s fabled Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop, which will be a runaway success if it ever opens.

Signs that you made a dumb career move


Blog Guy, your career advice is very useful, especially your tips on possible indicators that we may have taken the wrong career path at some point. Thanks to your last one, my brother got out of the bee-wearing profession.

Thanks. Here’s a tip that a surprising number of young urban professionals tend to overlook, what with their busy schedules.

Those cute ears will make a great trophy!



What’s up, Blog Guy? You look concerned about something.

I am. I just saw these photos of two panda cubs born in Spain.

SPAIN/They’re adorable! What’s wrong with that?

Did you miss the part where I said they are in SPAIN, the place where poor creatures are slowly tortured to death before slobbering, bloodthirsty crowds?

Besides bullfighting, this is the home of the running of the bulls, the fiery “purification of the horses” and similar traditions too numerous to mention.

Look! It is ‘El Tall One’ himself!



Blog Guy, can you please settle a bet with my pedicurist’s pest control guy?

Sure. I’m just here to settle bets. What’s up?

tall matador 240It’s about bullfighting, and I know you wrote the book on that. The cockroach man says bullfighters tend to be short, like jockeys, but I think they’re much taller. Who’s right?

Insert zany cartoon sound here…



Honey, is that you? How was your fight? Did you torture another poor creature to death?


I can’t understand what you’re saying. Sounds like somebody stopped off for a few beers with his amigos, huh?

It’s festival time, round up some poor animals!



I hate to get serious here, and I promise I won’t make it a habit, but WTF?

SPAIN/In the past couple of days alone, we’ve had pictures from a festival in Spain where they attach flaming torches to a bull’s horns, as well as photos and video of a bull leaping into the stands and injuring dozens of spectators at a different event in Spain, where “young boys run before the bull trying to avoid being caught.”

Don’t show him your butt, Lamar!


Until today, my favorite oxymoron – and I’ve blogged on the subject frequently – was “homemade submarine.”

bull amateur 300But now, we have a new winner. This video clip shows a spectator being gored during an “amateur bullfight.” I am not making that up.

Ma, Dwayne’s dressin’ like a sissy again!


montera combo 490

Blog Guy, you write a lot about bullfighting. What’s the stupidest thing about that so-called tradition?

It’s a close call, but one thing that comes to mind is the montera.

SPAIN/The Mitsubishi? Really? Bullfighters drive mid-size SUVs?

No, that would be a Montero. The montera is the beanbag hat they wear.

The idea is to make the most obnoxious face humanly possible as they adjust the beanbag just before the bullfight. Here, look at these guys above. Who would you root for?

The Decent Human Beings win one?



Blog Guy, it looks like you’re gloating about something.

You bet I am. The Catalonia region of Spain has just passed a ban on bullfighting, a barbaric activity which I have mocked repeatedly in my blog. I like to think my readers helped tip the balance.

SPAIN/Congrats, Blog Guy. So what were the main factions in the debate over there?

It was the Decent Human Being faction against the Pro-Torture and Cruelty faction.

Getting bored with getting gored?


pamplona 1 490

Blog Guy, I was surprised to find that Pamplona Running of the Bulls thing started several days ago. Usually you dump all over it in your blog. Don’t you care about animals anymore?

I do care very much, but from the coverage I’ve seen this year, I’m cautiously hopeful that some improvements have been made. For example, it looks like they are using fake bulls on wheels, instead of being needlessly cruel to real animals.