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The strain on Cain is changing his campaign?


In case some of you missed it because of the freak snowstorm, I’m going to mention an unusual political story from Saturday. It involves Herman Cain, one of the front-runners for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

According to the Associated Press, Cain said he will “dial back” his campaign and media appearances in order to avoid missteps.

For those of you who don’t speak slang, “dial back” means he’s going to reduce them. There have been a number of recent stories about Cain having to “clarify” his own comments on issues such as immigration, abortion and terrorism suspects.

According to the AP story, Cain blames a grueling campaign schedule for the problem.

Palin gets a palm reading?



Blog Guy, a few days ago you said it looked like Sarah Palin is really going to run. You’ve been closely watching her bus trip this week, so now what do you think?

Oh, she’s looking more and more like a candidate to me.

Here she is in New Hampshire yesterday with her family, chatting with lobsters.

She also appears to be trying out signs with a possible campaign slogan, though personally I think her team should be able to come up with something much more effective than that one.