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Now playing in Canada: Little Mosque on the Prairie


mosque.jpgThe meeting for pitching this sitcom must have been about as much like a scene from The Producers as real life can get.

Let me make sure I understand correctly? You propose a SITCOM about Muslims adjusting to life in Canada, and you want to call it “Little Mosque on the Prairie,” and there are jokes about suicides and bombs and stuff? Is that about right?

Remember, I ‘m not allowed to make this stuff up. Here is Amran Abocar’s story, here is a Hollywood Reporter story, and here is some Reuters Rough Cut Video:

Speeding driver looks for scapegoat…


I’m thinking how this happened was, this motorist just grabbed his foreign phrase book and read the first English sentence he found, which happened to be – and this must be repeated with cheerful enthusiasm in a heavy accent of your choice – “Yes! I am hugely enjoying driving rapidly while not hitting the goats in your country!”

That’s pretty much the best excuse this Swiss guy could come up with when police in Canada caught him zipping along the road at 100 miles per hour.  According to the police report, the driver said he just doesn’t get much of a chance to drive that fast back home, unless he wants to be pulling dead goats off his bumper all day long.  The excuse didn’t help – he still went away with a hefty speeding ticket.