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Putting the pull back in polo?

September 11, 2010


Today we have what may be the mother of all editions of our popular regular feature, “Stuff Maybe We Should Have Mentioned in the Photo Caption, but didn’t.”

They do WHAT to themselves?

April 2, 2010

Well, it’s time for my holiday posting, so let’s see if I can find some nice Easter Bunny shots, or….

Jeez officer, just THROW your gun at the target!

February 5, 2010

Welcome back to another installment of our regular feature, “Stuff Maybe we Should have Explained in the Caption, but Didn’t.” We are told these officers are holding targets during a demonstration to demand “more resources to combat violence…”

Which half of ’em is naked?

December 13, 2009

naked run combo 520

Okay, I’ve got another small quibble with our photo captions. The actual caption for the pictures you see here begins, “People take part in a half naked “Santa run…”