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The easiest job on earth?


Blog Guy, I’ve just graduated from college, and I would like some of your famous career advice. Can you help me?

If it doesn’t take too long. What are you looking for?

I want the easiest job on earth. Let me make it clear. I want to live someplace wonderful, and have a job that takes no energy whatsoever. I want a job I couldn’t possibly screw up if I tried.

I’m sorry, you can’t have my job. However, I’ve searched the world and found something right up your lazy alley. How about being the Italian Tourism Minister?

You’re sure that’s easy enough?

Here’s the thing. Italy is probably the greatest place on earth outside the U.S. It’s beautiful, the people are charming, it has art, history, religion, fashion, culture, majestic views, beaches, and the food and wine are to die for.