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Sweetie, let’s take the big plunge!


Well, here’s one of my recurring nightmares. Not getting married – that was great – but standing out on the ledge of a tall building. I’d rather ride in a gyrocopter, or visit that new Grand Canyon skywalk.

Anyway, these two people both work as exterior cleaners of tall buildings, so they decided to incorporate rappelling into their ceremony, because like they don’t get enough of that on regular days. You’ll note in the caption below we’re careful to mention that the groom is the one on the right, just in case you’re confused about which is which.

Anyway, I’ve avoided using most of the tempting references – marriage is a big step, they don’t rappel each other, and so on, so feel free to use those in your comments.

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Jiang Dezhang (R), 27, kisses his bride Tie Guangju, 26, while rappelling from a building during their wedding ceremony in Kunming, China, August 28, 2007. REUTERS

Good golly, Miss Trolley!


bus-2-140-vert.jpgBlog Guy, you give good career advice, and I need some. I’ve seen an ad for a job in some place I’ve never heard of. It says I’d get to work outdoors and travel. The job is called “trolleybus driver’s assistant” – is that like a conductor?

Well, if things go badly I guess you could be a conductor, but not exactly the kind you’re thinking of. As a driver’s assistant in Tajikistan, you get to sit like the guy in this photo, and pull down on the poles at just the right time, so it can roll through unwired crossroads.

The other guys dared you to do WHAT?


When I was growing up back in Indiana, we had a few firm rules in our home. No eating candy in the morning, always make your bed, and never put a live cobra head-first into your mouth. My sister did that once, and let me tell you, our mama wouldn’t let us play in the snake drawer again for a month!

This is why I was so shocked to see this photo. Hasn’t anyone ever told him that cobras do not work well for flossing, or that when a cobra and a human tongue go up against each other, it always ends up pretty much the same way?

Yes, I’m a bikini major, minoring in poise


Blog guy, I’ve been reading your advice about things such as belly dancing, contortionism, snake handling, voluntary mutilation and other respected careers, and I’m wondering if you could suggest some areas of study that I might not have considered?

Have you thought about the field of competitive beauty pageantry? We have some photos from a “school” in Bolivia that prepares young women for a long and rewarding career of tiara-wearing. If you can smile for no reason whatsoever, and your name ends in an “i” even though it probably shouldn’t – Bambi, Brandi, Randi, Candi, etc. – you may have royal potential. Think about it.

You sure know how to shimmy, Jimmy!


Dear Blog Guy,
I know you’ve frequently given good career advice in the past. I’m a 22-year-old guy. Are there any new opportunities my college job counsellor may have overlooked?

Well, if you have the stomach for it, so to speak, you might consider a career in belly dancing. It turns out it’s not just for the ladies anymore. We have a story about a belly dancer named Alex, who seems to be successful at doing, uh, navel maneuvers.

Herb, we need you to spearhead the project


Dear Blog Guy,
I know you’ve helped other recent graduates with career counseling. What are some signs I can watch for that might indicate how my career is going?

I find it’s often wise to check your mouth. For instance, if your job involves cramming snakes in your cake-hole, eating glass, having a nail pounded into your tongue or swallowing your own fist, it’s just possible you’re not on the CEO fast-track.

Cover girl for “Modern Wheelbarrow” magazine?


Did you hear the one about the Bavarian farmer’s daughter who posed for a calendar? No, really, she did. Every year a bunch of farm chicks pose for a Young Farmers’ calendar, which is an immediate sell-out.

Katharina, one of the models, explains that the purpose is to show how modern the industry is. “The calendar shows today’s farming – not what it was like in the old days,” she says.

Reading to snakes: they like hisssstory


Please don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of better-educated reptiles, and I donate money to those charities that give scholarships to very bright lizards and tortoises. 

Still, I am conflicted over this photo from China. As a person trying to guide young people into the better professions, I have to say if a job description dictates that you will be sitting in an enclosure reading books to slithering snakes while a bunch of gawkers take pictures outside, then maybe you should have majored in something other than art history or film studies in college.

Thay! Ithn’t thith a little exthethive?


Dear Blog Guy,
I know you’ve recently been advising college seniors on possible career choices – snake handling, glass eating, etc. But just how are people supposed to know if they chose the right profession in life?
A Regular Reader

It’s very difficult, and it varies from person to person. But I think as a rule,  if you’re noticing that some dude is using a hardware store claw hammer to pound a big nail into your tongue while a needle sticks through your cheek, well, maybe you have a bone to pick with your high school guidance counselor.

Is the glass half full, or half eaten?


A couple of days ago, I told college seniors who are about to graduate that they should consider a career in snake handling, and I still believe that’s good advice.

But now the professional drinking glass swallowers have asked why I didn’t give them the same sort of plug, and they have a point. This is another form of entertainment that brings joy to millions.