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Oh honey, I’m home!


Blog Guy, you used to offer useful tips on how people can tell if they’ve made a bad career choice. Can you please do some more of those?

Sure. Here’s one career test that many young professionals overlook until it is too late.

Look at yourself in a full-length mirror. If all you can see are bees crawling over every inch of your face and body, you may have chosen poorly on career day.

I was afraid of that, Blog Guy. That’s exactly what I see. But at least I am wearing swimming goggles and I have some sort of cigarette filters jammed in my nose.

Smurf City, here we come!



Blog Guy, can you please help settle a bet with my haberdasher’s manicurist?

Again with the bets and the random occupations? What’s this one about?

She says there’s a whole town somewhere that has been turned into a Smurf village – you know, the little blue cartoon characters – and I say she’s totally nuts.

Come over to my yard for a fling?



Man, I love it when true stuff is stranger than anything I could make up for my blog. I mean, it’s like having a day off.

So I’m looking at an e-mail from the Pottery Barn folks, and down below the duvet covers and patchwork quilts I see something called Safety Recall Information. It informs me the chain is recalling a hammock stand.