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Are you SURE that’s Stallone’s bathroom?


Blog Guy, you haven’t done any fantasy photos for a few days. I want some!

I’m here to make you happy. What the hell do you want?

I want a photo of a billionaire dressed like a clown.

Sigh. Any special setting?

No, it can be anyplace, so long as it’s in Red Square.

Holy crap! Anything else?

Yes. I want a photo of actor Sylvester Stallone in his private bathroom.

Geez, I sure hope the authorities are watching you. Okay, here are the two shots you requested.

Hey! That billionaire is just some Canadian clown!

You expected what, Warren Buffett in a red wig?

And this caption says Stallone is in a theater, not a bathroom!

Sure, but isn’t this pretty much how you think his bathroom at home would look?

You’ve got me there, Blog Guy. Thanks for the snaps!

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Above: Canadian billionaire Guy Laliberte poses in Red Square in Moscow September 10, 2009. Laliberte, who owns Cirque du Soleil, is set to become Canada’s first space tourist. REUTERS/ Sergei Remezov

Below: Actor Sylvester Stallone poses while visiting La Fenice theater in Venice, September 11, 2009. REUTERS/Michele Crosera

Major movie star goes nuts?


Blog Guy, I’m a huge fan of actor Michael Douglas. Any news about him?

Sure. He’s gone totally insane. Bonkers. Mental. Deranged. Nutsy.

Wow! Do you like have deep sources at a mental hospital or clinic or something?

Nah, I’m just looking at his hair from when he showed up for a movie screening in New York yesterday. Does that look like a sane guy’s haircut?

Well no, it doesn’t, but that’s your only evidence?

No. A couple of months ago he started lurking in bushes, and saluting people even though he’s not in the military. As you can see below, I have photos to prove it.

We can find her for you, George!


Blog Guy, what do you think it’s like being George Clooney? I bet it’s pretty neat!

You have a real way with words, stranger. I’m guessing “pretty neat” is accurate.

Oh, you’ll pay me all right, it’s Mandytory!


Blog Guy, I’m very worried and I need your help. I read this article about expensive performers you can hire for weddings and parties. Like for just $1.5 million, I guess you could have Amy Winehouse sing at a child’s birthday party.

Yeah, if you’re not trying for the “Parent of the Year” award.

Back at the wheel, Madonna mobile!


Blog Guy, I’m very disappointed in you.

So are most people. Can you be more specific?

You used to update us on Madonna and her auto in different world cities, but I’ve seen nothing for two weeks. Is her car in the shop, or what?

No, it’s still on the move, but she’s covering a lot of ground. Yesterday our plucky troubadour performed in Tel Aviv. Here’s a photo to prove it.

It’s like if déjà vu had déjà vu!


Blog Guy, recently you poked fun at the number of similar photos of Madonna from her Sticky and Sweet Tour.

Folks must have been kind of embarrassed to see all those same shots from different cities?

Me and Herbie go to the Derby in our Old Kentucky Home


Blog Guy, you follow the European music scene closely. I heard Bono blew them away in London on the U2 world tour.

Yes, but the real star of that show was Erik Tysse, the warm-up act from Norway. Erik came out of nowhere to do a Susan Boyle sort of show-stopper, singing ”My Old Kentucky Home.”

Here comes that damn Rolls again!


Blog Guy, I collect photos of vintage Rolls-Royces in different places. You got any?

Sure. Here’s a butt-load of shots from Madonna’s current tour.

Hang on, I said DIFFERENT places!

They are. The one on the right is from yesterday, in Estonia. The others are from Austria, Brazil, Wales, England, the U.S.A…

I see Belgium, I see France, I see lots of underpants


Wouldn’t you love to see underwear from the very most famous person in Belgium?

Well no, I don’t actually know who that is. I was hoping you would.

Anyway, an artist in Brussels has just opened the Musee du Slip, featuring framed underwear donated by mostly Belgian artists, singers and politicians.

Who was that guy laughing during the memorial?


Blog Guy, I’ve been watching the whole Michael Jackson saga unfold since he died two weeks ago. What can you tell us about his father, Joe Jackson?

Well, there aren’t words to describe a parent’s loss of a son or daughter. Just look at Joe here, a few days before Michael’s death, so happy and full of joy, without a care in the…