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When you got Mickey, you got class!


Promotion staffers, I hope you’re ready for the big media event to publicize the junior welterweight match.

Remember, we’re talking about the great sport of boxing here, and the match is in Vegas, so naturally people expect high class all the way.

We’ve signed Mickey Rourke to appear at the promotion event, and we need to make sure he looks great.

Lonnie, you’ll have a professional hairdresser here for Mickey’s shave and hairstyle, right?

It was a dark and bloody TV night


Blog Guy, I’m in Germany and I want to update myself on American television.

Sure. I watch about 21 hours a day, so how can I help you?

Some actors are here today promoting a show called “Dexter.” What’s it about?

Lots of guys adjusting ties?


Blog Guy, I hear your textbook on news photography is coming out soon, which is great! Meanwhile, apart from handshakes and group shots, what other photos do readers really love?

As you can see here, shots of men adjusting their ties are always a hit.

For real? I wouldn’t have thought that.

Our photo archive has thousands of them, so they must be popular. Often, we’ll shout out, “Mr. President, your tie is screwed up,” just so he’ll grab it and we can get one of these treasured pix.

All you need is love…and tuition

Okay, this university over in Liverpool has just launched a Master of Arts degree in The Beatles. Presumably graduates may now claim to have what I guess will be called an MBA, or Masters of Beatles Appreciation.

This is actually a very savvy thing to do, since even in this time of global economic meltdown, many companies are looking to beef up their Beatles Division.

She’s a really haute potato…


Bog Guy, am I losing my mind? I live in New York, and I thought I saw Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head here over the weekend!

Yeah, they were there for New York Fashion Week. Mrs. Potato Head organized a fashion event for potato women.

Run! We’re dead! It’s Scary Red!


Blog Guy, I was always in love with Lynda Carter – you know, she played Wonder Woman on TV. What’s she doing now?

Looks like this is your lucky day, Slick. She’s back in a superhero series next fall.

What’s wrong with this picture?


Blog Guy, I’m ready! I’ve been studying all of your tips for aspiring photojournalists, and here is my portfolio for your critique. What do you think?

Bravo! Perfect, both of them!

Oh, come on, I need a LITTLE criticism. Surely there’s SOMETHING!

Okay. On the shot of the soccer team captain… Does he actually have a mouth?

Angela, stifle yerself, ya dingbat!


Blog Guy, I know how you feel about remakes of the classics, so you’re gonna hate this. I heard they’re planning┬áto revive the classic ’70s sitcom “All in the Family.”

It makes my blood boil. This all came about because German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed an interest in doing the Edith Bunker role. She’s been doing Edith schtick at her news conferences, just to show she’s nailed it.

Accepting Brad Pitt’s award is Zippy!


Blog Guy, I’m really pumped for the Oscars – I love all the glamour and razzle-dazzle. Don’t the Brits have something like that, too? I’d love to see it.

They have BAFTA. You’d hate it. It’s not nearly as glitzy.

Really? How is it different?

The actors and actresses don’t really show up. They just send pictures, which are placed around the Royal Opera House to look like an audience.

Boost me up on your shoulders!


Keep it coming, Blog Guy – the more photojournalism advice I can get, the sooner I’ll get my dream job.

What do you want to know today, Grasshopper?

I’m wondering about ethics and privacy. Are photojournalists expected to violate basic standards of dignity and decency? How far should we go to get THE news shot?