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A Study in Scarlett


Blog Guy, I’m ready for more of your sage advice for aspiring photojournalists. if I want to reach the hearts and minds of the public, what should I be shooting? What’s most important to the people?

Scarlett Johansson’s hairstyle.

What? Who gives a flying… about that?

She changes it quite often, so it’s important to be the first one to shoot the latest. Here you can see seven versions, from this week back to 2003.

I must say, that seems like WAY too many pictures to have on this one thing.

Then you’d LOVE the 24-shot slideshow we did on her hairstyles yesterday.

So why are you holding back on the other shots?

I still have a little of my integrity left.

Um, I don’t get the headline on this post.

That’s okay, a lot of readers will.

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Cast member Scarlett Johansson attends the premiere of the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, February 2, 2009. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

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Deputy in a doughnut shop?


Many of you have asked me to do blog updates on events at the popular Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop, here in Washington, DC.

Big things are happening! During inauguration week Washington was bursting at the seams, and the Museum got seven visitors – a record for us!

The new guys are in on it?


I’m back, Blog Guy! A few months ago I wrote to you about a super-secret society of prominent celebrities who communicate with each other using the media, through their own private hand gesture language.

You said I was a “conspiracy nut.” Then, when others sent you evidence that the plot reached all the way to the top – yes, George Clooney – you laughed at us again!

Look, it’s Lady Godiva!


Blog Guy, my buddy and I are having an argument, so we’re turning to you. What is the single most common male fantasy?

Oh please! Everybody knows that one.

Hah! It involves Brooke Shields, right?

Of course it does.

And also lots and lots of chocolate and some strawberries, right?

Sure, but I can’t even imagine what guy wouldn’t already be aware of that!

Outta the way, Kobe! I’m shooting Jack!


Blog Guy, keep those great lessons coming for us aspiring photojournalists!

A bunch of us get together to discuss your posts on things like shoes, handshakes, group shots and so on.

We were wondering if you could give us some tips on shooting basketball games. With all that action, what’s the most important shot to get?

It’s lovely weather for a clayride together with you!


Blog Guy, whatever happened to Gumby after his long career as an entertainer?

I think you’ll be very surprised. My private detectives have tracked the reclusive clay figure to China, where he now works pulling a rickshaw.

No way!

Way! Oh, he’s matured a bit, gotten tan from the outdoor work, grown a mustache and often wears a straw hat to cover that head hump, but it’s the same dude.

Reflecting on celebrities…


Blog Guy, I’m in love with Victoria Beckham. I think she’s gorgeous. Can you please post a picture of her?

Sure thing. Here she is in Milan yesterday. Enjoy.

Um, I hate to complain, but what in God’s name is that?

It’s Victoria Beckham, behind a tinted window with her hands in front of her face and the reflection of a denim jacket or something.

Here, rats, follow the lemon meringue!


Okay, creative staff at Acme Marketing, we’ve been hired by the little town of Hamlin, in Germany. You remember the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin, right?

Hundreds of years ago Hamlin was overrun with rats, so they hired the Pied Piper, who used fresh-baked pies to lead them away.

It’s the Great Bonanza, Charlie Brown!


You can’t take it with you, but it turns out you can keep making it after you’re gone.

Forbes has unveiled its annual list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities, for whom fame was the gift that keeps on giving.

You’re kind of a quiet guy, huh?


anderson-mime-face-160.jpgReaders often ask me for more celebrity gossip. I’m not crazy about that kind of reporting, but out of respect for the eight million unique users who come to this blog anytime I mention Pamela Anderson, I’ll make an exception.

The hot news about Pam’s love life is, she appears to be dating a mime. This shot from a London fashion show yesterday reveals the actress getting cozy with one of those silent performers who are always stuck in glass boxes, and seem to be way too happy, or way too sad.