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Well, if that’s not a miracle!

January 29, 2011


Blog Guy, this is the season of all the major award ceremonies. They all kind of blend together, except I must say I’ve read amazing things about the National Television Awards, in London.

Popular museum gets a facelift?

December 30, 2010

goofy face final 490

Blog Guy, since the year is almost over, can you give us a preview of what surprises the Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop has in store for 2011?

So this is the whole show?

December 20, 2010


Johnson, get your butt in my office! You call yourself a news photographer?

What did I do wrong this time, Boss?

paris madrid combo 340I sent you out to cover that Paris Hilton motorcycle thing, right? And how many shots did you get?

Thanks, so this is sort of like a Grammy?

December 14, 2010


Blog Guy, do you still arrange those fantasy photos for your readers?

Yeah, as long as my budget holds out. What do you have in mind?

AUSTRALIA/Okay. I’m seeing, uh, Oprah….

Yikes, Oprah? She charges $30 an hour for fantasy shoots! What’s she doing in your fantasy?

Opening a CAN of whoopass…

December 7, 2010

james caan this one 490

Dear People Who Decide Film Awards:

I read that you’re giving a career tribute to that actor James Caan, at the Marrakesh Film Festival. What were you thinking?

Happy Eva Mendes Day to all!

December 5, 2010


Blog Guy, you’re not forgetting what day this is, right? Does December 5 ring a bell?

Regurgitating a TV plot for you…

November 16, 2010

Blog Guy, I was a HUGE fan of the hit television series “24.” You know, where Kiefer Sutherland played Jack Bauer, a super-macho counter-terrorism agent. Each season, 24 new episodes covered a full day with gripping real-time action.

It’s me! The guy wishing you well!

November 11, 2010

Lamar, we need to talk. You seem to be gone a lot lately. You took that temp job as an archbishop

Angelina and the Used Car Dealer?

November 10, 2010

What the hell is going on with this Angelina Jolie movie, Lamar?

Boss, that’s the one where she’s the director. It’s her first time…

jolie and pit top this 490

I know that, you simpleton! But you’re supposed to be keeping an eye on her, and I’m getting no info on…what’s the movie called again?

Making a token gesture…

November 9, 2010

awards gesture combo 490

Okay, people, listen up! We’re trying to rehearse an awards show here!

Places, please!

MUSIC-MTV/EUROPESo do you all understand the drill?

If you win an award, go immediately to the backstage press area and flip off the media. One finger is adequate, but of course we’re hoping you can remember to do it with TWO fingers.