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Hey! You’re that guy from Uruguay!


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Blog Guy, you seem to have the best sources of anybody covering entertainment these days.

twins combo vertical 200I was wondering what happened to that actor who played Detective Sipowicz on the series NYPD Blue? You remember, he won lots of Emmy Awards and the show ran for years, but then it ended and I haven’t see him since.

Sure, you’re talking about the great actor, Dennis Franz. There were rumors a few years ago that he was going to marry Paris Hilton.

Well, did he marry her?

Nope, they realized just in time that that would make her Paris Franz.  So instead, Dennis moved to Uruguay and became a successful musician.

It’s time for celebrity toes and ankles!



Blog Guy, I’m a HUGE Christina Aguilera fan. I know she sang the National Anthem at a Lakers game a couple of days ago, and I’m hoping you can run a picture of her. Please!

Sure thing, here you go, that photo on top. She’s looking nice, huh? I guess she…

So she’s Queen of the Entire World, then?



Blog Guy, I seem to recall a debate in this blog recently about whether or not there is a Queen of the Entire World. How was that resolved?

There certainly is one, and I ran photos of her as proof. Of course, now there’s a new, different Queen of the Entire World.

Quick, Indy! Jump into my pocket!


Blog Guy, please help settle a bet with my yoga instructor’s dental hygienist.

USA/How on earth did you even MEET the dental hygienist of your yoga… Oh never mind, I’m here to settle bets. What’s this one about?

Out on a limb with Lindsay Lohan?


lohan 490

Why me, Lord, why ME?

Okay, film production staff, as you know, we signed Lindsay Lohan to a huge three-movie deal and we’re about to begin production. Then, yesterday, a judge ruled that she has to wear this big black butt-ugly alcohol monitoring device on her ankle, 24/7, to make sure she doesn’t drink any booze. It NEVER comes off.

lohan vertical 200So Lamar, hand me those three scripts she’s supposed to start shooting next week. I’m hoping this bracelet device won’t interfere with the story-lines.

Sleeping with Michael Jackson’s stuff?


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Blog Guy, I need some personal advice from a supportive, caring person. Have you read about that Michael Jackson thing in Japan? You can spend the night of June 25th, the anniversary of his death, actually sleeping amid Jackson’s belongings at an exhibit in Tokyo.


Oh Lord…. No, no, no… Please don’t make me be supportive.

But I’m such a huge Jackson fan! PLEASE say it’s normal to do this!

USA/Okay, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you liked him that much, and you have a chance to spend a night in opulence surrounded by his things, I guess…

Get your butt off the red carpet!



Blog Guy, please keep up the coverage of that Cannes Film Festival. We love it. I notice you have lots of red carpet shots, and I’m wondering what that particular spot signifies for the celebrities who are there.

FILM-CANNES/Ah, that’s a very good question.

The red carpet symbolizes the last place they can light up one more cigarette and have a few drags before going inside, where they may have to wait a number of minutes before they can light up again. Look, here comes actor Gerard Depardieu, who as you can see is something of a health nut.

Opening a big Cannes of publicity?



Blog Guy, since you’re writing a lot about that Cannes Film Festival, I have a question. I believe the top prize there is called the Palme d’Or.  How would you describe that?

FILM-CANNES/I’d have to say it’s prestigious.

Really? It’s interesting that that’s the word you would choose.

You’re not listening. I said, I’d HAVE TO SAY it’s prestigious. Apparently it’s our official adjective for it. Look down below, at the caption for this photo of Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, taken a week ago.

Now, arriving on the red carpet is…uh-oh…



Okay, this is SOMEBODY’S  fault, and they’re gonna pay! What went wrong?

I’m SO sorry, Boss! It sounded like a great idea. What a striking sight on the red carpet at Cannes, movie star Naomi Watts, arriving astride the shoulders of a Daphne Burki…

In Cannes, with the Beautiful People


cannes goofy combo 490

Blog Guy, I was glad to see you’re closely following the events at that Cannes Film Festival over there in France. Boy, all the big stars are all there to push their latest movies, aren’t they?

cannes gooding 240Oh, grow up. The big names come to Cannes for just one thing these days, to get noticed by the Goofy Face Museum and Doughnut Shop.