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I have a beef with your roast…


Sometimes I wish I had just arrived in America from Estonia or Honduras or someplace, which would at least give me a better excuse for not understanding the things that go on here.

For instance. Comedy Central has just announced that the subject of their next TV roast is Charlie Sheen.

I am not making this up.

Presumably Sheen was a last-minute choice after Anthony Weiner, Bernie Madoff and Osama bin Laden were unavailable. But who on earth would watch something like this?

It’s probably just my own ignorance, but I always got the impression that these roasts were supposed to be good-natured ribbing of lovable people.

Two and a Half Morons?


series combo 490

Faithful readers of this blog know that I have pitched some high-concept ideas for movies and television shows in the past, stories like The Love Market! and that extra bonus season of “24.”

NBA/Surprisingly, Hollywood has kept me at arm’s length, mostly through restraining orders, but that will change when they see my latest treatment for a TV sitcom.

Fashion has its ups and downs…


fashion elevators combo 490

Okay Lamar, you’ve done some pretty strange stuff to save money on our fashion shows, but this time I’m totally confused.

FRANCE-FASHION/What the hell are we doing gathered here with the fashion press in a posh hotel lobby?

No booty here, and that’s the gospel!



Check it out. A new edition of the Bible, available tomorrow, is replacing words such as “booty” and “holocaust” to “better reflect modern understanding.”

MARKETS USA STOCKSI am not making this up.

“Holocaust” is being changed to “burnt offerings,” so that readers who are easily confused won’t think the Bible is talking about the 1940s Holocaust.