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How the masses found Manassas…


Blog Guy, I am really pumped about the Civil War 150th anniversary stuff coming up. Aren’t you?

You bet. I went to the Manassas reenactment over the weekend, and loved it! What I saw was First Manassas, as opposed to Second Manassas, which happened a year later.

Ah, so they number Civil War battles?

Yep, just like Rocky movies. I already have my tickets for Gettysburg III.

Anyway, it was very hot, and the troops were drinking from these round canteens. Where do you suppose the soldiers bought those?

From the general store or snack shop on their base?

Yes, they got their canteens from the Canteen.

I don’t like where this is going, Blog Guy.

Did you know the Confederates had spies and accomplices working for them in the North?