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There’s a HoJo’s at 20,000 feet…


Blog Guy, I see you’re finally back from vacation. So now can you tell us where you really went?

Yes. My pal Apa Sherpa and I went up Mount Everest. It was his 21st time, so it was a big deal.

You went with that guy they call Super Sherpa? All the way to the summit?

Yeah. These days, it isn’t as hard as you might imagine. I drove him, while he waved at crowds on the way up. Here we are at 10,000 feet, I believe.

Wait a minute. You can DRIVE up Everest now?

Not all the way, but just to the parking lot where the express elevators start.

But that’s supposed to be quite a feat, reaching the top of Everest. Isn’t it difficult to breathe up there?