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News, but not the serious kind

Good news, guys, we’re gettin’ uniforms!


Okay staff, I’ve called this meeting because it’s come to my attention that the men here are dressing like slobs. You women are fine, it’s just the guys. Am I right, Lamar?

You sure are, Boss! As usual!

I mean, I’m not sure what we do here, but I do know if a client ever shows up, we need to look good. So I sent Lamar to Fashion Week in Istanbul to buy clothes for all the men. Let’s see what you brought back, Lamar…

Sure. Feast your eyes on these duds! This little item on the right features comfortable short pants, a bow tie, a short jacket and multicolored wingtips! Huh? Huh?

Cripes, what’s the name of this fashion collection, Lamar?

They call it Circumcision, Boss.

Circumcision, huh? Yeah, that sounds about right. I asked you to bring TWO choices, Lamar.  Boys, raise your hands if you want to go with Plan B.