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Lamar, get in my office! Are you the one who approved the permit for those people to hold a huge Global Marijuana March in the streets here over the weekend?

Aren’t you aware that some folks blame marijuana for things like difficulty in concentrating, slowed reaction time and altered time perception? I can’t believe you let them march!

Wait. What did you ask me, Boss?

Lamar! I asked if you were the one who…

I’ll be right there, Boss.

You ARE here, Lamar. Is this your signature?

Is it my what?

Their route took them right through the annual Snack Food Festival, along with an outdoor french-fry-eating competition!

Do I have to tell you what happened then? So what do you have to say, Lamar?

Wait. What did you ask me, Boss?

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Top: A man smokes a large joint before The Global Marijuana March in Toronto, May 7, 2011. Demonstrators took part in a march to support the legalization of marijuana. REUTERS/Mark Blinch