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Happy Father’s Day, you’re goin’ fission!


Blog Guy, I need some suggestions for a Father’s Day gift for my dad. He loves to fish, but he seems to have all the equipment he needs.

How about sending him on an exotic vacation to a great gourmet fishing detonation?

Wait. You mean DESTINATION, right?

Nope, I’m talking about a place where he can leave his complicated hooks and reels behind, and fish with explosives, the way things were meant to be.

Have a look at this fisherman showing off his rustic fuse and matchbox blasting cap. This guy is in for a relaxing afternoon, assuming he can swim away at about 80 miles an hour.

For the foodie who has everything…


Blog Guy, I have a cooking question. How do you handle the pesky chore of skinning your snakes?

It’s easy, with the Williams-Sonoma Deluxe Snake Skinner, $4,299.99. I recommend the outdoor model.

Shermanize me another burger, honey!


williams sonoma 490

Blog Guy, I’ve been a real fan of Williams-Sonoma, that shop for pretentious foodies, ever since I first read about it here. Is their Summer Cookout Catalog out yet?

Yes, and it’s fabulous! I recommend this item at the top, the Deluxe Outdoor Guacamole Maker, $299.99. You can serve up perfect fresh guacamole, while your guests watch with envy!