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Eat it off the stick, Rick!


Blog Guy, when Michele Bachmann came out ahead in that Iowa straw poll thing you did a pithy analysis attributing the success to eating a corn dog in public. So where does that leave the newest candidate, Texas Governor Rick Perry, who didn’t compete in the Iowa event? Is he home free?

Hardly. He had to race to Iowa yesterday for some serious catch-up.

Heh, heh, heh. You mean Ketchup?

Stop punning with my punditry. The fact remains, no candidate has ever not won the nomination without not eating an Iowa State Fair corn dog.

Can you repeat that?

I’d be surprised if I could.

Does it really have to be from the Iowa State Fair, or will any state fair corn dog do?

Are you serious? You don’t remember the corn dog debacle when Senator John Kerry was the Democratic nominee in 2004?